he True Saint Huang. What’s going on?”


“There is news that something happened in Tianwaitian!”
In other places, there are disturbances in various major venues.
50 million extraordinary people fled from the Battle Beast City. After it stabilized a little, the news naturally began to spread.
Suddenly, the entire extraordinary world was shaken by a huge earthquake.
The Fighting Beast Palace, a bloody and terrifying place, comparable to the True Saint Dojo, was actually attacked, and some people threatened to destroy the place.
The top powers all know how terrifying and evil the monsters living in the Beast City are. They have escaped being killed on the must-kill list twice. How dare anyone dare to provoke them?
Who is it that wants to destroy the Beast Fighting Palace? !
“I’m sure, it’s the Huaguo Mountain that appeared 152 years ago. This orthodox person is angry, saying that the Beast Fighting Palace harmed the people of their home universe, and wants revenge and a bloodbath there.”
“Extraordinary, extraordinary, in recent years, Sun Wukong, the missing person in people’s mouth, has reappeared in the world, and led people to kill in the Beast Fighting City like crazy!”
The news spread on the extraordinary network, which was no less than the explosion of super-transformed prohibited items in the mother sea of ??the avenue, causing a huge storm.
/“What, Sun Wukong has appeared?” Ling Qingxuan, who was so beautiful and beautiful in Xuankong Ridge, stood up with a loud sound, and suddenly couldn’t sit still.
In the past, she had been beaten four times, her head was badly bruised, and she was in such a state of embarrassment that she would never forget that Sun Wukong in this life. Unfortunately, she had been searching for him for many years to no avail.
“Miss, calm down!” Ling Qingxuan’s book girl, her good sister Xiao Yue, quickly stopped her.
In the land outside the world, there are disturbances in the True Saint Dojo. People already know that something happened in Tianwaitian, and the Fighting Beast Palace is being attacked by Huaguo Mountain.
At this moment, even some of the true saints who had been in seclusion came out. They couldn’t help but want to “eat the melon” and wanted to go to the scene to see it in person.
In the extraordinary sea of ??light, the most advanced monster was so huge that it imprisoned the sky with its octopus-like tentacles. It locked the outer space with its tentacles and struggled to break free from the “reef of the avenue”.
However, at this moment, its hair stood on end, and a dazzling spear pierced the living universe, appeared suddenly, and stabbed straight towards it.
Avoid or resist? This is to make it collide with the reef of the avenue, or even force it to fall into the vortex of the avenue aside.
Its whole body was covered with dense textures, and the supreme imperial lines were intertwined with each other. It was powerfully shaken by the imperial spear, and earth-shattering waves suddenly swept across the sky.
/Then, it felt its eyes darken, and there was a prohi

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