l ended, Wang Xuan pondered. Not only was he about to come into contact with the power of the supreme beings, but the ancient boss himself was also about to come to the forefront.


In fact, there is no point for it to keep a low profile. All the saints already know that it is back and is secretly fighting its opponents.
“It’s time to go for a walk.” Wang Xuan wanted to see his old friend. Once he entered the ancient and modern world, it was hard to tell when he could get away.
He was in seclusion in the Transcendent Light Sea for 94 years. During this period, Fang Yuzhu came once, gathered briefly, and then left in a hurry. Everything was for the purpose of breaking through barriers and breaking limits.
She has an extraordinary talent. After entering the new universe, the environment is different. She has obtained the True Bible and so on. She needs to accumulate knowledge and make up for her shortcomings.
The demon master Yan Qingyan contacted him several times through the extraordinary communicator, but every time she was “taught” him. She couldn’t do anything, but was taught a lesson instead. She was so angry that she could only “clean up” him verbally.
As for the others, they had all been contacted using extraordinary communicators. Chen Yongjie and Qingmu wanted to drive the battleship over, but Wang Xuan quickly stopped them.
This place is very special, and extraordinary battleships are prone to accidents.
“Master Kong, come here often. Once you leave, we will feel that the whole world will lose its luster.” Niu Yao waved his hand.
“My lord, bring me some Xinghai dog food next time. Although it’s all junk food, it tastes really good.” The yin and yang dog who didn’t like to talk much was full of emotion when he said goodbye, reluctant to leave, and his eyes were eager.
“Be careful on the road.” The cook also warned.
The galaxy was brilliant, and Wang Xuan returned to the starry sky at a snail’s speed. The secret technique of whirlpool he learned from the mobile phone was no problem, and it was extremely fast, but it was only within a small range.
With his current behavior and methods, he would have to cast spells repeatedly to get from one star field to another. Compared to the vast universe, he was like a tiny speck of dust moving slowly, which was too difficult.
In the end, he took the interstellar spaceship and used the extraordinary teleportation array. Even so, it was a month later when he arrived at the Sea of ??Origin.
/“The extraordinary central universe is too big. Traveling in the starry sky without reaching the alien realm is a bit time-consuming and delays cultivation.”
“Wang Xuan?!” In the Dragon Bar, the mechanical bear was surprised. He had been waiting here for 94 years and finally waited for him to come back.
“Are you tired of waiting? It will get better in the future. We will walk in the sea of ??stars, visit the prosperous world, and the dazzling fairyland. Even in other places, we can climb up to see the scenery.” Wang Xuan comforted it.
/In the past, for safety reasons, he did

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