tal shield the defensive power based on the mental strength. This makes David very happy. He finally has a defensive method that is similar to that of a level five strongman.


You must know that in David’s previous battles with level five strong men, he had to be careful not to be hit at least in his vitals. As long as he was hit anywhere on his body by a level five strong man, it would be the result of severe damage. Once his vitals were hit, That is a matter of life and death.
Although he could treat injuries with his immortal vitality, he was not sure that he would be able to receive timely treatment after a vital point was attacked, and he did not want to have the opportunity to try this possibility.
In the battle with the fifth-level strong man, he relied entirely on his master-level combat skills to keep his vital points from being attacked.
But who knows whether the fifth-level strongman encountered one day has stronger combat skills, or has some kind of innate ability that is fatal enough.
After acquiring the ‘Secret Shield’ talent, David was truly able to face the attacks of level five Templars, and at least he could block one blow, which was enough for him to choose to leave the battlefield.
As David had more and more contact with the top nobles, he became more and more careful about the fifth-level Templars of the top nobles.
Because the probability that these top-level noble fifth-level Templars have special talents and abilities is too high, most of the top-level noble fifth-level Templars who have had their souls absorbed have special talents.
/Four of the five fifth-level Templars of the Baruch family have special talents. Gerald, the fifth-level Templar of the Mather family, even has an even rarer spiritual talent.
David conducted another round of training in the space debris before leaving the space debris. He estimated that the impact of Speaker Abe leading 22 top nobles to invade Garmi Star this time would be great. He needed to check the information every day. Incoming information.
Just after David left the space debris, he felt that the Lord’s contact circle left in the secret room was flashing continuously. This was a request for contact.
Many people know about this lord’s contact circle, but very few people can actually contact it, because this is Lord Marcus’ contact circle. Everyone knows that Lord Marcus has been killed, who will contact another dead person? contact circle.
Only Steward Dickens and the Main family truly knew the lord’s contact circle. The rest of the people who contacted David would contact the contact circle he originally used.
Sure enough, David used his spirit to see that it was Lord Gould who was contacting him.
“Hello, Lord Gould!” He connected with the lord’s contact circle and greeted.
“Arthur, it’s great to know that you’re okay!” Even though Lord Gould already knew from the intelligence that David was okay, he really felt relieved after hearing David’s voice with his own ears.
Speaker Abe represents the most powerful secular force in the divine world,

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