or a turn of events and the return of the saints? Obviously not possible. The next step was full of variables. He was very alert and turned around to escape.


At the same time, he also understood that Uncle Six was signaling to separate and escape. After all, Wang Xuan has been very popular recently. In the highest spiritual world, he once defeated six taboo sacred objects such as the Dream Seal and the Fragments of the Dead Path, and even the supreme beings looked at him with side eyes.
Whoever travels with Wang Xuan now will definitely be noticed.
Wang Xuan entered the mist, as if diving into the vast sea, escaping far away on the invisible “sea bottom”.
/The saints suddenly disappeared, and even Wu Liuji followed him because he wanted to become a saint. Now, there is a group of the most powerful strangers in the 36th level, which is too dangerous for Wang Xuan.
As for the Royal Dao Spear on his body, he didn’t want to expose it at all. Did he really think he could conquer the 36th level with this? If you really dare to show it, something will happen immediately.
In fact, not only their uncle and nephew reacted quickly, but also the people nearby moved during the whooshing sound.
Lu Yun, the Ultimate Limit Breaker, Qi Yuan, the younger brother of Mechanical King Kong, Heng Jianping, the descendant of Heng, Zhao Hui, the disciple of the magician, etc. all ran away.
For a time, the 36th level of the sky was filled with brilliant lights and all kinds of escaping lights, like a gorgeous meteor shower pouring down. A group of true saint disciples with great backgrounds escaped with just one word.
Not only them, the foreigners also made very careful choices.
Except for a few top strangers, after a quick scan of the surrounding area, 90% of the powerful people disappeared from the place without looking back, either shattering the void, or using magical powers such as starry sky reflection.
Even if they are strangers, they are all running like crazy, no one is left behind, they all run away!
When all the saints disappear, can strangers be able to overlook the world? No stranger thinks so, not to mention that Wu, You, Shan, etc. may return soon. Just because the old boy “Shou” is still there, they don’t dare to be presumptuous.
Especially, they don’t believe that all the true saints are gone. There is one of them on the surface, but who knows if there are others secretly?
A group of top aliens felt that the extraordinary center without the supreme being was now more dangerous than in the past, so they were all extra careful and tried to hide themselves first.
This group of strangers are not ordinary people. As outstanding leaders, they are qualified to “observe the ceremony”. They all came here by stepping on the corpses of geniuses from all walks of life.
“There” was a forbidden item, the Holy Mirror, left in the dojo, and he shouted loudly: “Everyone, please stay. The saints are traveling far away. You should stay and make arrangements.”
/When it shouted like this, whoosh whoosh whoosh, the strangers from a

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