emed to have always been quite gentle, and he didn’t treat her in any evil or scary way.


“Good evening.” Liu Changan walked in and said hello to Li Hongfang.
/“Good evening.” Li Hongfang said quickly.
“How’s your acupuncture point going?” Liu Changan asked.
Many people are a bit taboo about talking about tomb robbing and cave robbing directly, and sometimes they use cave digging instead. It sounds like celebrities and idols have changed jobs. Of course, Li Hongfang did not misunderstand, and said quickly: “It’s almost done. But there are no documents and classics, so it is of little significance. There is only one bamboo slip, which is the “Book of Gao Di”, which is an unexpected surprise.”
“The Letter of Complaint? Did the tomb owner issue it himself, or did he find someone else?” Liu Changan asked with interest.
“It was issued by a man named Xiaoyaohou for the tomb owner. The wording was extremely majestic. He did not pray for the underworld to provide convenience to the tomb owner, but directly made the tomb owner the king of a certain area in the underworld. This is consistent with the previous archaeological discovery of “Gao Di” “Book” is completely different, we think that Xiaoyao Hou may not be a marquis, but a real emperor. In ancient times, apart from the emperor, who would dare to directly crown the king in the underworld?” Li Hongfang said with some excitement.
“Xiaoyao Hou? It sounds like the villain BOSS in old-school martial arts novels, a bit old-fashioned.” Liu Changan nodded. This “Book of Complaint” is the name of the road after the death of the ancients. The ancients believed that the underworld and There is also a title system of three, six or nine grades in the underworld. People who have a certain status in the underworld and want to inherit their glory and wealth in the underworld will bring them with them. “The Book of Gao Di” is such a heavenly book that connects yin and yang.
Of course, the weight of the “Book of Confession” written by different people is different. It is true that only the emperor dares to write the “Book of Confession to the Land” to be crowned king in the underworld, and only the identity of the person who wrote it can be confirmed. Only the owner of the tomb dares to be buried with such a “Book of Complaint”. Otherwise, if he goes to the underworld to ask for the throne with a “Book of Complaint” written by someone who is not qualified to be crowned king, wouldn’t he be seeking death? No, there is no benefit in being dead anyway.
It’s indeed interesting. Liu Changan nodded, “Let me see it when you get the chance.”
“If you want to see it, there will definitely be a chance.” Li Hongfang nodded meaningfully.
“No need to disturb me. I just came to say hello. You are busy.” Liu Changan raised his hand to signal Li Hongfang not to make tea, and stood up to leave.
“Are you okay with me?” Li Hongfang was stunned for a moment. She knew that it was no accident that she was discovered by Liu Changan, but now that he had discovered it, wouldn’t he interrogate and investi

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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