The person who was dormant in the horns of his mount is now forced to reveal himself.


All kinds of rays of light bloomed in the sky. Not only were Shou, Ge, and Chen taking action, but the two Lu Breakers who had stolen the flower earlier from No. 2 Extraordinary Source were also blocking the attack.
/Source No. 3 owed Source No. 2 a blood debt. Now that they saw it, they naturally shared the same hatred and joined Shou, Ge and others to block that one person and one rider.
puff! puff!
/It has to be said that the mysterious master on the back of the golden sheep with 14 horns is really strong. With one punch, he defeated the two true saints along the way.
Moreover, he grabbed an obstacle with his bare hands, crushed it several times, and killed it directly.
The scalps of all the saints were numb. This terrifying mysterious powerhouse could quickly kill supreme beings. It was too powerful.
Wang Xuan was hiding in the mist. He was too concealed. He was like a dormant assassin. When he burst out in an instant, he lit up the sky and the earth. He slashed forward with the light of all magic with one strike of his palm.
“Huh?!” The other party was surprised. He hurriedly reached for his hand and actually blocked the light of the imperial sword that was striking at his eyebrows.
However, his mount, the golden sheep, was not so lucky and was cut off on the spot.
“Are you looking for death?!” He said coldly, turned around and charged towards the fog, trying to kill the master who secretly attacked him.
Suddenly, his expression changed and he said to himself: “No, the whole New Mythical World is targeting me. I was careless when I forced my way in this time.”
With a bang, he was counterattacked by the extraordinary sources No. 1 and No. 2. With a swipe, he blurred, disappeared from here, and was directly swept out of the new mythical world.
The attack beams of Wang Xuan, Shou, Ge, and Chen all hit his back, and they watched him being driven out and completely disappearing.
“He took away a big exotic flower. How hateful!”
“Not only that, he also killed a true saint on our side!”
All the saints looked ugly, this time No. 1 extraordinary source suffered a big loss.
Wang Xuan, Shou and others chased out, and the figure flashed into source No. 3, mainly because the distance was not far away.
Even the good old guard was furious. A supreme authority from the extraordinary source No. 1 was actually taken away, taken away from the new mythical world, and fell into the hands of the strong man from the source No. 3. This is no small incident.
Even if a new saint rises from the No. 2 extraordinary source and obtains a great wonder flower, it is not a big deal, because the wonder flower is still in this world.
Wang Xuan looked slightly cold and said: “I haven’t taken action against their power-type strange objects yet, and I have been restraining myself. As a result, Source No. 2 and Source No. 3 took the lead in attacking. Okay, don’t blame me for being rude!”
Wang Xuan turned around and rushed towards the golden sheep.

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