t would pass the news on.


That night, Gujin informed him that it had been safely passed on.
Wang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief and tried his best.
A few days later, a sudden piece of news came out that the True Sage Wujie had met with the “Decedent”. It was reported that there might have been some kind of deal in private!
This is really beyond people’s expectations. In the end, such a result will occur.
However, some of the very terrifying beings in the first half of the list know very well that it just came back with a different name, and it had other roots before.
The dead existed a long time ago and were already on the top half of the must-kill list.
“True Sage Wujie, are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?” When the gossip came out, the True Sage from Guixu Dojo couldn’t sit still and took the initiative to contact him.
With a threatening tone, he mentioned the bloody picture scroll again.
/However, the True Sage Wujie ignored him and ignored him this time.
Soon there was an old servant of the deceased who sent a message to Guixu Dojo on his behalf. That meant that although you were a little anxious, don’t be anxious yet.
When the outside world learned about the fate of the deceased, everyone was a little confused. This extremely dangerous existence, which swallowed prohibited items, and whose name means death, was actually involved?
In the past, it walked alone and no saints wanted to mess with it.
In fact, it doesn’t pay much attention to the various True Saint Dojos.
Wang Xuan also felt surprised, and then he was lost in thought. The True Sage Wujie did not choose to search for the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century. Most likely, he felt that he could not send his disciples there.
As for the True Sage himself, he probably couldn’t escape. The Bamboo Sage ran to a place without myths and cause and effect, and still died.
If you want to escape the must-kill list, you either have to fight hard or destroy the True Saint Dao Xing yourself.
However, if he decommissions himself, his end will be even worse. Guixu, Shiguangtian, etc. have already locked onto him.
“Is the True Sage Infinite Tribulation going to trade his life to the deceased?”
“Ordinary dojos don’t have such confidence, and they can’t suppress pretenders.”
Some true saints were discussing in secret.
“How strong is the deceased?” Wang Xuan asked Gu and Jin for advice. He really didn’t understand this monster that was full of the aura of death and could easily devour advanced powers.
“It’s very strong. It has other roots. It’s either ‘wurenren’ or ‘wurenren’.” Gujin responded.
“Fourth level of transformation?!” Wang Xuan was shocked. Although he had heard from the mobile phone Qiwu that there were more changes, which did not represent absolute Taoist strength, but it was certainly not weak.
Obviously, the deceased existed for a long time, and he should be a monster that did not die before the 17th century.
After receiving the news, the Tattoo Palace and the Paper Temple directly reported back to the mysterious

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