royal road boiled. He was not attacking now, but defending with all his strength. The new creatures were too dangerous, and they killed him as soon as they came up.


Wang Xuan really didn’t hold anything back this time. He broke all 6 points in all areas. This was a very rare moment in many years. He unleashed all his power to target one person and let go of his hands and feet.
In the past, he often held back when fighting against others to avoid exposing his secrets, but today, he doesn’t have so many worries. Moreover, the other party actually laid siege to them and severely damaged the mechanical Tengu and his cheap nephew Miaogu, which made him angry.
Even so, his arm was full of flesh and blood, his bones roared, and the opponent’s palm did not stop, hitting him in front of his crossed arms.
After the two met, they completed a series of attacks in an instant, and it was finally over.
The three-meter-tall giant flew away with his arms broken and his chest partially collapsed due to the palm. This sight made the giant himself tremble with fear and hair. What kind of monster was he encountering?
Behind him, Miao Gu was completely dumbfounded. His eyes were straight, and his whole body was petrified. His eyes were wide open, and he stared at the scene outside the secret road carefully. He couldn’t believe it.
Earlier, when the giant met him, his arms were numb and painful, as if they were broken, but now he was cut off by the devil master uncle?
/The mechanical tengu also grinned silently, staring dumbfounded. This second uncle’s was really like a dream. Who could compete with him in the same field? It finally realized that if the realm level was in place, Xiao Wang would be even scarier than Lao Wang.
In the mysterious world, giants are flying and golden blood is splashing everywhere. Wang Xuan followed up and wanted to make up for it. Behind him, a Dalmatian dog pounced on him silently. The paths intertwined and covered Wang Xuan, and it also bitten the dog.
It was ruthless and accurate, significantly raising the level of sneak attacks. This time it not only wanted to destroy the body of this mysterious opponent, but also launched a “gnaw” on the soul.
In front of its eyebrows, the spiritual realm expanded and transformed, and a dog’s mouth appeared, as if it was swallowing the sky and corroding the opponent’s soul.
At Wang Xuan’s level, he has never failed to break through all the major realms. He is naturally incomparable and has a variety of ways to deal with it. He chose the crudest one, which is without others, simple, violent, direct and effective.
He didn’t even use any spells, he just spun around, swung his legs, and twisted time and space with his body. He was so fast that it was unimaginable. He swept back with his soles, stepped through the spiritual realm, and kicked the dog on the head.
With a bang, the Dalmatian dog in the six realms was kicked and scattered. With a scream, the dog’s head was shattered, its canine teeth fell off, it flew out, and its jaw exploded and disappeare

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