swish swish
The aliens who were sent there earlier all disappeared out of thin air and were taken away by the true king. He was afraid that the punch would cause the whole school to be traced back to ashes.
The true king punched with anger. If he was cruel, he would kill more than one person. Many living beings related to the target might be destroyed.
“Stop!” The ancient true king of Yangjiu Realm stepped forward, wanting to meet Wang Xuan’s incarnation, and preparing to send another stranger over.
There are also other true kings taking action, re-delivering the top local aliens to overcome the tribulation.
/“True King, you have gone too far!” The mechanical monster under No. 6’s extraordinary source spoke. As a True King, its voice was earth-shattering, and it was also sending seed-level aliens to overcome the tribulation.
“Everyone, I’m sorry, I, Source No. 6, will not be involved in this matter!” Suddenly, on the mainland of Source No. 6, a true king spoke, and grabbed a few people who had been sent out by the mechanical monster back from time and space. , threw it on the ground.
Everyone is shocked. There are actually two true kings in Source No. 6? The opinions are actually opposite and not unified at all!
The mechanical monster True King beneath Source No. 6 was startled at first, and then became furious. Who is this? Run above his head and make decisions on his behalf, the master of the source? This is really unreasonable!
Under Source No. 6, the mechanical monster looked gloomy and was about to drip black metallic liquid. It couldn’t bear it anymore. Someone had invaded its own territory and made the decision for him.
The runes of the Infinite True King are in full bloom, just like the birth of a new mythical source. It is extremely bright, competing with the six realms of Yin and illuminating the world.
The mechanical monster rushed out, full of oppression. Its huge body seemed to be made of prohibited metal. It stood directly at the end of deep space, ready for a battle.
At this moment, its body was so huge that it was terrifying, and when its cold eyes opened and closed, it seemed to be even bigger than the decaying universe around it.
“Come here!” Its gaze is terrifying. The burning world is distorted and collapsed, and everything is about to turn into ashes.
The True King of Machinery roared, and the endless deep space was burning. The tangible traces of the avenue spread, and the ripples of his spirit were enough to destroy the world.
Fortunately, it knows that every move it makes is extremely dangerous, and it has escaped from the extraordinary source No. 6.
/Wang Xuan appeared with a heavy fog and said: “Why are you making such a big fuss about our own affairs? Why don’t we close the door, discuss it in secret, and solve it ourselves?”
His true body was originally taking a walk at Source No. 6, absorbing the charm of Taoism. When encountering such a thing today, no matter how hesitant, he naturally had to intervene and claim to be the local true king.
The few talented strangers h

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