many people are willing to look at them because hell bleeds every night, and the sight of a red jungle reminds people of death.


There are few “visitors” in the sacred city on weekdays, but now the tranquility is broken. Many people come, stepping through the golden maple trees, bathing in snow orchids, and appearing outside the majestic giant city.
“Such a huge city, but it’s very quiet inside. There aren’t many prowlers and local monsters from hell.” Zi Lin from Guixu Dojo said.
The monsters in the divine city usually hide in buildings and special spaces. There are not many wandering around in the city. Wang Xuan was deceived when he first came.
Now that a group of people saw this giant city, they were immediately moved. It was more magnificent than other giant cities, and it was also so pure. It was really the foundation of the religion.
If you use this as your base, there is no safer and more suitable place than this.
The extraordinary mist shrouded the divine city, covering up the majestic giant palaces, etc., and the central area was quite blurry and hazy.
Core disciples from each dojo have arrived, or they have cultivated special divine eyes, etc., or they have brought rare treasures, and they can view the stone tower in the center of the divine city.
“It’s him, yes, he’s covered in blood, his armor is broken, he’s looking up at the sky, motionless, his eyes seem empty, he’s dead!
Jing Zhongyue of Zhi Sheng Temple spoke up. He was the core disciple who broke the limit four times, but he was suppressed and knelt on the ground when he was in the Wujie Mountain Villa. He was too familiar with the man.
Shang Zhou, who had short silver hair, said: “I can’t believe that he died in hell like this and became a prowler. If a person is arrogant, he will surely perish. Although he has four limit-breaking combat powers, he is still in the Five Tribulations Mountain. He is on a big ship that is about to sink, but he doesn’t know how to keep a low profile. He has come to hell and dares to attack a huge city alone. He is just looking for death. God will not show mercy. ”
He has short hair that dances like silver fire. He is dressed in modern clothes and looks handsome, with a cold smile on his face.
Zhuo Tianming, a four-time limit breaker at Guixu Dojo, said: “It is indeed Kong Xuan. It’s a pity that he died like this. He killed my junior brother Yuan Tian. I can’t settle this debt with him. I wish he was lucky!”
The people of Demon Court had witnessed Wang Xuan defeat the limit-breaker Lu Heng five times, but almost all of them died in Tianluan City.
/Jing Zhongyue also had some doubts in her heart, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she would compliment his senior brother Shang Zhou, saying that he could suppress Kong Xuan by raising his hand, which made Shang Zhou go from being humble and waving his hands before, to being calm and accustomed to it, and now taking it for granted. I feel a bit regretful that I didn’t hold Kong Xuan with my own hands.
Time flies and Tian Tian also knows that Kong Xuan is v

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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