wanted to win it back.


At the end of this year, Fei Yang, as the king of popular singers, will still participate in this battle of the gods!
And Xianyu began to return in September, and this posture is obviously to participate in the battle of the gods at the end of the year.
At that time, Fei Yang and Xianyu met again.
Fei Yang, who had been holding back for a year, started singing at the end of this year.
The assistant reminded: “Xianyu dared to release the song “Ten Years” in September instead of at the end of the year. It shows that Xianyu is confident and can come up with better songs at the end of the year!”
“That’s true.”
Fei Yang’s eyes were a little solemn.
Netizens jokingly call him the new second child. Under such circumstances, it is impossible for Fei Yang not to pay attention to Xianyu.
Besides, “Ten Years” is so popular, even if it’s not Xianyu’s song, Fei Yang will definitely listen to it.
Moreover, a song “Next Year Today” came out recently, so that Xianyu took the top two spots by himself, and became the most popular song in the music world for a while.
Even Fei Yang, who wanted to seek revenge on Xianyu, had to admit that the song “Ten Years” was excellent.
This opponent would not allow Fei Yang to slack off in the slightest.
“Unless Xianyu doesn’t participate in the Battle of the Gods at the end of the year, if he participates, his songs will be of an extremely high level!”
The assistant’s expression was serious.
Fei Yang gritted his teeth: “Based on last year’s lessons, I have made better preparations this year? I started preparing songs for the end of the year half a year in advance? Just to fight this tough battle with him!”
King Fei Ge was full of ambition.
Starting to prepare for the end of the year songs half a year in advance? This kind of determination to endure hardships is not something ordinary people can achieve.
Don’t they all say that Xianyu’s lyrics are well written?
It just so happens that the new song that King Fei Ge prepared for the end of the year also has lyrics and music that match well? And the artistic conception of the lyrics is very high. It is less scary than the music and even less scary than the lyrics!
September 16th.
Lin Yuan came to the set of “Hachi the Dog”.
So Lin Yuan came.
Seeing Lin Yuan, Yi Chenggong’s eyes lit up and he quickly ran over: “Representative Lin, you’re here!”
Lin Yuan got straight to the point: “Which scene was difficult to film?”
Yi Chenggong took out the script and pointed to a paragraph: “The professor is going to school today? But I don’t know why? Hachiko behaved a little abnormally today, as if he didn’t want the professor to go to school? Usually Hachiko is not so clingy, so the professor Some surprise? He was sitting at the intersection waiting for the train. At this time, Hachiko walked to the professor’s legs with the ball in his mouth.”
Lin Yuan understood.
This scene requires the cooperation of dogs.
To be precise, it requires the cooperation of Antarctica.
/Antarctica is the adult dog

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