able to win the championship without any suspense, and Xianyu might not even be able to secure the title of the championship track.


Everyone admits this.
But the problem lies in the lyrics.
Xianyu’s lyrics this time are so awesome, so awesome that they are so awesome, so awesome that their literary talent is soaring, and even more awesome that the audience didn’t think too much about the lyrics of “May People Live Forever” and directly downloaded the entire song!
This is a powerful bundle!
People who like this lyrics, even if they are not that interested in the song, will extend their love for the lyrics to the composition level!
In response, a certain singer smiled helplessly:
“Xianyu can be regarded as providing a new idea for the competition for the season rankings, but this new idea is not replicable, unless there are other lyricists like Xianyu who can write a song that is equivalent to an eternal famous song. Lyrics like “Shui Tiao Ge Tou”.”
Everyone is dissatisfied with the comparison between composing and singing, but we can also understand the audience’s choice. Lyrics like “Shui Tiao Ge Tou” are simply art, and everyone is willing to pay for the entire song for this artistry!
How to cry out for injustice?
Could it be said that Xianyu cheated?
Xianyu didn’t cheat. Lyrics are a part of the song. Good lyrics will have a bonus to the song.
Without going too far, let’s take a song from Tianchao a few years ago as an example.
Why did Maomao’s “Xiaochou” explode in the circle of friends as soon as it was released?
Isn’t it all about the melodious melody and excellent lyrics?
If you don’t accept it, why don’t you write a lyric of the level of “Shui Tiao Ge Tou”?
/Can’t write it?
That’s fine.
This is Xianyu’s unique advantage.
/The music industry can’t deny the terrifying bonus that Xianyu can bring to its full potential just because others don’t have this advantage.
Black people are naturally good at running. Should black people be banned from racing?
China is invincible in table tennis. Should this event be deleted from the Olympics?
That doesn’t make sense.
Because if you maximize your talent and hard work, you can do it too.
This is why Liu Xiang once dominated a certain event and even suppressed countless black people.
A certain singer’s summary of the War of the Gods is more objective: “It can only be said that in order to win the championship song of this year’s War of the Gods, Xianyu took out a trump card that he had never used before, and successfully achieved a blow. A sure-kill effect.”
Not only is it a one-hit kill, it’s even a sure kill.
And when countless netizens witnessed the continuous response from all walks of life and saw the official evaluation of “Shui Tiao Ge Tou”, they were already shocked and even more admired for Xianyu:
“Two consecutive championships in the Battle of the Gods!”
“Xianyu has really been re-elected. Didn’t someone analyze the chances of Xianyu’s re-election based on the data of previous years’ War of the Gods? Who would have t

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