an’s backstage, I did panic.”


“Who’s not panicking?”
/Zhang Yang snorted: “I’m panicking too, don’t blame me. Didn’t you see that the boiled meat turned green at the time? Chu Kuang, the great god, doesn’t have an ordinary background.”
The assistant didn’t dare call Shui Zhurou “boiled meat”.
He coughed and joked: “So are we going to kill the gods this time?”
Zhang Yang curled his lips and said, “Your big spring and autumn dream is just to bully Chu Kuang for not having experience in writing fairy tales. If you really want to kill the gods, why don’t you find someone to compare with Chu Kuang on the subjects he is good at?”
The assistant sneered.
Zhang Yang rubbed his hands: “Speaking of which, I am still a fan of Mr. Chu Kuang. I never thought that one day I would be in a ring with Chu Kuang, even though this ring is too unfair to my idol.”
Understanding this, Zhang Yang and Shui Zhurou were no longer nervous.
Let writers from other fields come over to compete with famous writers in the field of fairy tales. Who can write better fairy tales?
This in itself is unfair.
The assistant said softly: “It’s just that this unfairness is Chu Kuang’s own choice.”
The news that Chu Kuang was going to write a fairy tale quickly spread within the company.
However, this incident did not cause much repercussions within the company.
Perhaps for the fairy tale department, this matter may be related to the workplace competition between the three deputy editors.
But for the entire Yinlan Bookstore, Chu Kuang wrote a short fairy tale, which is not something worth making a fuss about.
Think about it too.
It’s just a short story published in a certain issue of a fairy tale magazine. Can it still go to heaven?
The most common sentiment expressed by everyone is:
Chu Kuang is really energetic and wants to get involved in any type of story subject.
In contrast, there is another piece of news that arouses everyone’s interest more:
Chu Kuang turned out to be Lin Xuan’s background!
Lin Xuan is not a famous person in the company, and not many people know her.
But if Lin Xuan is related to Chu Kuang, then she will be known to the entire company at once!
Many people began to discuss the relationship between this woman and Chu Kuang.
And when Lin Xuan was eating in the company canteen at noon, she could clearly feel that many colleagues from other departments seemed to be peeking at her.
“Am I famous?”
Lin Xuan smiled and said that she did not feel uncomfortable, and even felt a little used to it.
When I was walking on the road with my younger brother, many people would peek at my younger brother, and I also got a lot of attention by the way.
Lin Xuan became accustomed to being noticed by others from that time on.
/“That’s not true. Ever since the news about your relationship with Teacher Chu Kuang came out in the department, many people have been talking about you in private, because Teacher Chu Kuang is a very mysterious person. He has never been to the company. Other big-name writers occasionally I will still come

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