hat morning and afternoon can be divided into two stages of life. Why don’t you just say:


grown ups!
Times have changed!
The stages of life are certainly not divided into mornings and afternoons.
This era is still the same.
Not just cold light.
It’s not just Carter.
Not just the guy who likes to play philosophical debates with his friends.
/The change of direction of the wind is often based on a certain group, and then begins to sweep away as fast as the wind and the remaining clouds.
Swish, brush, brush!
While many netizens who were still boycotting Sherlock Holmes were unable to fully come to their senses, the group of readers who initially followed everyone in criticizing and complaining, but then mysteriously disappeared, suddenly reappeared.
With a sentence that was caught off guard, “What a great Sherlock Holmes, what a great basic deduction method”!
What the hell?
Taken away?
The netizens who insisted on not buying the book in order to boycott Sherlock Holmes were almost collectively dumbfounded. Then they were swept up in one wave after another, accompanied by one magical voice after another:
“Chu Kuang Niubi!”
“I’m so convinced!”
“I originally thought that Poirot was already the greatest detective on Blue Star, but I didn’t expect that there is a Mr. Holmes who is as good as Poirot. I, the King, would like to call Holmes the new great detective!”
“I, Liu Jing, agree with my real name!”
“Hello everyone, my name is Zhou Ze. I would like to introduce to you my new idol. His name is Sherlock Holmes.”
Netizens who haven’t read the book have finally come to their senses. They don’t want to be brainwashed, and they are still resisting:
We are an unbreakable alliance!
I boycott Sherlock Holmes
I boycott fore
I resist
Their voices were drowned out.
Their will began to waver.
Their spirits were gradually broken.
They stretched out their sinful right hands; they stepped out their sinful legs; they began to order books online; they began to rush to bookstores
The front desk employee looked at them with a smile: “It’s sold out, there really isn’t a drop left.”
They walked out of the bookstore dejectedly.
The boss behind the waiter was touching his chest. There was indeed not a drop of books left, but the blood in his heart was still flowing down drop by drop.
Aren’t you boycotting?
Don’t you “don’t know”?
I see you know it very well!
/Only we booksellers don’t know!
Chu Kuang mistook me!
Chu Kuang’s readers misunderstood me!
People flock together and birds of a feather flock together. You Chu Kuang fans are all duplicitous animals. In essence, you are no different from the old thief Chu Kuang!
They are all scumbags!
Deceiving the feelings of our booksellers!
All right.
Some bookstores are stocking stock as usual.
Many booksellers have not forgotten the fear of being dominated by “Zhu Xian”, so they are a little more cautious.
This fear had caused them heavy losses, and they were compensated to a certain extent in a similar way on this day.
They no longer

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