the opening theme song “I Want to Say I Love You Loudly”.


Liang Ziyuan is the robot who participated in “The King of Masked Singer” with Lin Yuan before.
Time was tight and it was Chu Yuge, so Lin Yuan couldn’t find anyone within the Yu Dynasty. Fortunately, Liang Ziyuan readily agreed after receiving Lin Yuan’s invitation.
After listening to the demo, Liang Ziyuan was excited.
In the end, no reward was received, and he even specifically told Lin Yuan:
“If you ever have such a good thing in the future, just come to me!”
Lin Yuan nodded. He had a good impression of Liang Ziyuan. The two had interacted in the show, which was quite pleasant.
After a while the cartoon starts and everyone can hear this song.
A certain villa hall.
Tianmen and Ye Shenchen had become good friends at some point, and they even met at Tianmen’s villa.
“It’s about to begin.”
Tianmen’s face is full of expectations, but he is not looking forward to the cartoon itself, but looking forward to this animation being a hit!
“We’re just counting on He Dajun to avenge us!”
Ye Shenchen also spoke excitedly. As a cartoonist of King’s Way, he could never compare with Shadow in his life, but he really wanted to see Shadow fail once!
Such a scene is something that neither Tianmen nor Ye Shenchen can hope to see!
A certain hotel.
He Dajun was also sitting in front of the computer with a stern expression.
“I want to see why you dare to compare basketball cartoons with me!”
His comics do take cues from Net King.
/But, so what?
As long as he refuses to admit it, everyone can only believe that this is a coincidence. After all, his comic has indeed been created since a long time ago.
Tribal comics.
Lingkong also sat in front of the computer.
This time he did not call the department editor.
The first two times I called the department editor, he was in trouble.
Now it’s cartoons.
No matter how little Lingkong knows about professional comic creation, he still has the ability to tell whether a cartoon is excellent or not.
Same moment!
From Qin, Qi, Chu, Yan and Han to the five continents, countless netizens are sitting in front of their computers.
Including countless industry insiders.
They are all waiting for Shadow’s “Slam Dunk”.
at the same time.
Even if it’s against the cartoonist who is the best at basketball cartoons!
While they were waiting, they were chatting online.
“It’s about to start!”
“Does Shadow really understand basketball comics?”
“Hehe, I’m waiting for this animation to be aired just to see his jokes.”
“Don’t underestimate Shadow. Everyone who underestimates him will be slapped in the face later.”
“I’m so scared.”
“The shadow level is still there. I feel that even if his work is not very handsome, it is not far behind. After all, it is not that he cannot draw sports comics. Now it is just a different project for him.”
Shadow fan.
Fans of He Dajun.
There are also people inside and outside the industry participating in the discussion.
at this time.
Eight o’clock comes.
The cartoon is aired!
“I ran o

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