nces that it will never cooperate with these two people again. We hereby notify you!


Now there is no more doubt!
Tianmen and Ye Shenchen really stabbed the alliance in the back!
What a joke!
Shadow’s fans are shattered!
Now it is not a question of whether to cooperate with these two people in the future!
Now the question is whether this new website can continue to operate!
Works that rely solely on shadows are simply not good enough!
Will he fight alone in the future?
No matter how popular the Death God student is, he can’t be allowed to fight against the entire tribe by himself!
But in this matter, the two big guys Xianyu and Chu Kuang couldn’t help much!
I am helpless.
Means of the comics industry.
Cartoonist competition.
Xianyu Chu Kuang can’t intervene!
The opponent is totally here for the shadow!
Even if the alliance does not collapse because of this, if it is only supported by one of Shadow’s comics, it will be able to survive at best.
The capital of the tribe is too strong!
This is another ruthless crushing of a new website by large capital!
Just like how the tribe banned shadow before.
So powerless!
In the face of such capital with abundant capital and vicious methods, Shadow and the newly formed alliance are really powerless!
Even the name “League” has become ironic.
Everyone in your alliance has surrendered to the enemy!
Have you ever seen a one-person alliance?
this moment!
Shadow fans are completely desperate!
Passers-by and netizens who supported the alliance also sighed helplessly.
A new comic website that originally had great potential has become so ineffective.
The story has ended early before it even started.
/And just then.
/Shadow’s personal blog was updated again:
“Give me a week, and the alliance will have two new and better works to replace Tianmen and Shen Ye!”
this moment!
Everyone who saw this post was stunned!
? ? ? ? ?
Shadow was mad?
He actually said that two works will replace Tianmen and Shen Shen in a week?
Where does the confidence come from?
In other words, where did the work come from?
Or two?
Could it be that he could still dig out two cartoonists from the tribe who were not weaker than Tianmen and Ye Shenchen, or even had a higher level?
How can this be?
Will the tribe give this a chance?
If the tribe could use the same method, how could they be unprepared?
Besides, there is no reason for the cartoonist of the tribe to go to the alliance!
With the current situation in the alliance, who dares to go?
But if it weren’t for poaching people from the tribe, there would be no cartoonists more powerful than Tianmen and Ye Shenchen on other comic websites!
Don’t say it’s more powerful
Even if you want to find two cartoonists with the same level as these two, it is impossible!
Tribal comics have already monopolized the entire industry!
It can’t be that Shadow draws two comics by himself to fill in these two huge prehistoric holes, right?
Is Shadow really planning to draw it himself?
Is he going to draw two comics

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