ning about Xianyu, but it’s actually just a disguised form of praise. He’s really bad at language arts.”


“You can guess the company’s attitude by looking at how much Zheng Jing and Yang Zhongming dote on Xianyu.”
Netizens are discussing it like crazy.
And when the Honghuang creative team saw this interview, they almost couldn’t catch their breath.
Total investment 700 million?
There are ten episodes in total, and you burn 70 million per episode?
You are doing charity!
As for that!
This is a violation of industry rules!
Seriously ruined the market atmosphere!
Honghuang is about to be killed
In fact, Honghuang’s investment is not low, close to 200 million.
But Honghuang filmed a full fifty episodes!
There must be some spamming among them, spamming in TV dramas is the norm in the industry, and the audience has long been used to it.
If there were no Journey to the West, everyone would still find it worthwhile to watch The Wilderness.
It was broadcast at the same time as Westward Journey, so the comparison came out.
After watching Journey to the West, and then watching The Wilderness, I always felt that their props had a plastic feel, and the special effects cost 50 cents, and they were very cheap.
It just happened that this was Honghuang’s choice!
If Honghuang avoids Journey to the West and doesn’t work hard to compete with Journey to the West, maybe they will also gain good results.
In fact.
This interview shocked not only the Honghuang team and netizens, but also the entire film and television industry!
Investing 700 million in a TV series is really crazy!
Even a movie wouldn’t dare to play this big!
If on earth.
The investment level of Westward Journey is slightly higher than that of the later seasons of “Game of Thrones”.
In fact.
Lin Yuan was filming “Journey to the West” because he was aiming for a drama of that level.
But will “Journey to the West” really lose money?
/Lao Zhou is not stupid.
What he said was purely to win the audience’s favor.
As long as the show is popular enough, it will not lose anything, because if the show remains popular, a series of profit chains will definitely be derived in the future.
Such as games, movies, animations, peripherals, etc.
At that time, the company was not happy for Xianyu to play such a big role, simply because they were not confident that the show would be a hit.
Attention, it is explosive!
If it doesn’t reach the level of explosive fire, it will definitely not work if it is just ordinary fire.
The standard for becoming popular is that everyone is watching the drama!
“Game of Thrones” on Earth next door has recovered its costs and made a lot of money because of its popularity.
It’s just that the money-making cycle of Journey to the West will be longer.
But at the same time, Journey to the West will definitely make more money than Game of Thrones on Earth.
In this regard, Lin Yuan is full of confidence!
Lao Zhou was interviewed and revealed a lot of interesting information.
For example, Xingmang established a special telev

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