eality, Lin Yuan also felt this change. He could hear the sounds of employees in the company meeting to play basketball together after get off work.


Not to mention, there are so many discussions on the Internet.
“about there.”
Lin Yuan called Sun Zhixiang over: “You draw the next content, and I will provide the plot and storyboards.”
Sun Zhixiang is excited!
Even though he had already guessed the result, he still jumped three feet high with joy!
In the entire Shadow Studio, everyone has their own comics to be responsible for, and Lin Yuan once again became his own boss.
The recruitment of our assistants is almost complete. Most of them are people recruited by Luo Wei, and their skills are very solid.
Jin Mu rented branch studios for everyone nearby.
From now on, Lin Yuan only needs to communicate with the major writers and does not need to meet their new assistants to prevent the identity of Shadow from being exposed.
Lin Yuan is not a completely hands-off shopkeeper. He pays attention to the content updated by the main writers every day. If there is anything wrong, he will let everyone adjust it. If the level is not up to par, he will pull people over for special training. The efficiency of Zhe Halo in teaching disciples is still very high.
Comics open five times!
Lin Yuan felt that it was almost the limit.
Even if there are new comics in the future, we will have to wait until later. One reason is that the main cartoonist does not have enough manpower, and the other is to avoid shocking the world even more. The shadow has already acted evil enough!
It’s time to let go of the shadow.
Shadow and Xianyu have been in the limelight recently, and Lin Yuan feels that classmate Chu Kuang is already eager to give it a try.
What to write next?
Shadow’s matter has come to an end.
The next work of the alliance will be very easy.
It turns out that the alliance is now sitting on a stalemate overseas with the addition of “Kindaichi Boy’s Event Book”, and the popularity of the website is increasing day by day.
Now there is another popular “Slam Dunk”!
Of these five comics, except for “Kindaichi Boy’s Incident Book” which is a bit inferior, the remaining four are all phenomenal!
When these comics are serialized with more content, their popularity will definitely increase!
By then, even the tribal comics will not be able to bear it!
Here I want to talk about Han Jimei
Han Jimei is still very capable.
In line with the popularity of “Slam Dunk”, she recently launched a lot of website benefits to attract cartoonists from all walks of life.
In the past, cartoonists had no choice but to go to tribes, so tribal comics directly monopolized the industry.
Now that cartoonists have new options, they are starting to consider joining the alliance.
Some people have already taken action, including some pretty good cartoonists.
To know.
The traffic of the alliance has completely risen with the popularity of these five comics of Shadow!
/With a certain traffic base, the alliance is a good c

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