acher Xianyu is certainly not bad!”


Wang Yue’s mother smiled: “I know how to chase stars. How many times have your idols changed?”
“This time is different!”
Wang Yue’s expression was solemn: “I won’t change my idol. Teacher Xianyu will be my only idol in the future!”
Mom teased: “You said the same thing last time.”
Wang Yue was dissatisfied: “Mom!”
While the mother and daughter were chatting, the secretary’s slightly dissatisfied voice suddenly came from the front:
“A suite worth five hundred thousand a night, are you serious?”
“What half a million?”
Wang Yue’s mother asked.
Wang Xin in front frowned and said:
“The price of the suites in this hotel is that there are paintings in each of the suites. They are very expensive.”
For Wang Xin, the price of a suite worth 500,000 yuan per night is nothing, and it is not like he has never stayed in a suite in Zhongzhou worth 1 million yuan per night.
But in Sioux City, for a newly opened five-star hotel to charge such a price, it’s a bit like treating people like fat sheep.
No matter how expensive the painting is, it will not be played like this.
Moreover, although Wang Xin is a wealthy man in Zhaozhou, he also likes to decorate his appearance with calligraphy and painting, but this is just for the sake of appearance, so that others will say that Wang Xin is a nouveau riche with no background.
This is the biggest pain in Wang Xin’s heart.
Wang Xin is different from many wealthy people inherited from their ancestors.
Because his family was demolished and he sold several houses compensated by the government, he obtained the original capital for starting a business and earned a huge family fortune.
People in Zhaozhou’s rich circle often say that he is a nouveau riche. This is the title that Wang Xin hates the most.
In order to get rid of this label, Wang Xin usually likes to spend money to buy some precious art such as calligraphy, calligraphy and painting, which are highly respected in Zhaozhou, to decorate himself, but not for himself, but for others to see.
In fact, he was very disdainful of these things in his heart.
I can’t understand the calligraphy and painting of some famous artist at all, but it’s just that the writing and painting look good.
Therefore, even though the hotel waiter boasted about the paintings in the room, he could not arouse Wang Xin’s interest at all.
“It costs five hundred thousand a night. Why is it so expensive?”
Daughter Wang Yue couldn’t help but exclaimed: “This is my monthly living expenses!”
/“Let’s find another one.”
Wang Yue’s mother shook her head.
Wang Yue hesitated for a moment, then gritted his teeth suddenly: “We’ll live here, and I’ll pay for it tonight.”
My mother was unhappy: “Wang Yue! Don’t be willful. Isn’t your little pocket money given to you by your father?”
“I’m okay”
Wang Yue lowered her head in despair.
Wang Xin saw his daughter’s disappointment, and his heart softened. He turned around and knocked on the table at the front desk:
“Get us a suite.”
He made so much money just for

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