“”Life is like a summer flower” made me cry. Senior Sun Yaohuo is indeed very good, and his professional skills cannot be said, but the lyricist of this song is really awesome!”


Dog Travels Thousands of Miles: “Indeed! As expected of Dad Qu! Senior Sun Yaohuo encountered a god-level thigh and was immediately taken away!”
Huang Liang from the Department of Music: “Believe it or not, the new talent list will be released tomorrow, and “Life is Like a Summer Flower” will be a direct hit!”
Huahua: “After listening to the song, I’m already on my knees! My dad is the god of music, Kerry! In addition, have you noticed that the lyrics and arrangement are also done by my dad alone? With this kind of dad sitting in charge, even a dog can sing in the recording studio.” win.”
/Class groups are just the tip of the iceberg.
Compared with a small class group, the campus forum of Qinzhou Art Institute is more lively at the moment
“The rookie season has officially started. Everyone, please go and support Senior Sun Yaohuo’s new song. The song is called “Life is Like a Summer Flower”. Here are the song links from major music listening software.”
/“This song is surprisingly good.”
“Those who study arrangement, please come and support the senior. By the way, the senior is very lucky. The arrangement of this song is quite profound.”
“The arranger and composer are both composed by the same person named ‘Xianyu’. This special guy is truly a music daddy.”
“I’m looking forward to the ranking opening at 12 noon tomorrow. I don’t know how high “Life Like a Summer Flower” will rank.”
“Don’t worry, based on the quality of this song, the ranking will be the same.”
“Who is this Xianyu? I have never heard of it before.”
“Company: What are the requirements for a singer? Dad Qu: Just have a mouth.”
“A student from the vocal music department said that he doesn’t mind being a tool at all. I just want to perform crazy output under Qu Daddy’s crotch.”
“A bunch of night owls, still up so late?”
“The long night is coming, and I will keep watch from now on until I die. It will be like this tonight, and it will be like this every night.”
“You are so big at night. If you don’t sleep, you will die suddenly.”
The freshman season in November every year is a gluttonous feast for music students.
It would be even more perfect if there happened to be seniors from the school taking the seats at this feast.
For this reason, many alumni did not even listen to the song, but just because Sun Yaohuo was a graduate of Qin Yi, they dared to download “Life is Like a Summer Flower” without thinking.
After Lin Yuan got up and washed up, he had breakfast in the cafeteria, and then came to the classroom unhurriedly.
Lin Yuan had already started reading.
However, the atmosphere this morning seemed different from the past. The students around him were not playing quietly with their mobile phones as usual, but were chattering about some things.
Lin Yuan frowned slightly.
Because these directly affect Lin Yuan’s reading efficiency.
Of course, the content of th

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