i smiled and said, “Raw or cooked?”


Tang Zheng shrugged: “Either you choose one from among them.”
Beizhi took out one directly.
Tang Zheng smiled and said: “Let’s cover the egg with a glass, and then pick up our coins.”
Coins with the word “fish” written on them!
Beizhi seemed to have a strong attachment to this coin: “What’s your plan?”
Tang Zheng looked at the egg: “I saw a hint of speculation in your eyes. I can tell you for sure that, just like you and the audience, I want to put this coin into this egg.”
Beizhi shouted: “This is impossible!”
Not only Beizhi, but also the audience was full of disbelief!
Tang Zheng said: “If my magic trick can be successful, it’s not too demanding. Everyone, give me five hours of applause.”
The scene burst into laughter.
Whether you believe it or not, at least Tang Zheng’s words are very lovable and have a sense of humor.
Tang Zhengdao: “Ten seconds of applause is enough. Everyone just needs to open their eyes wide now. The next step is to witness the miracle!”
In full view.
Tang Zheng held coins in both hands.
His hands hovered above the cup.
The cup was still covered with an egg.
Tang Zheng rubbed his hands several times
The coin that was in his hand just now disappeared!
“Where did the coin go?”
“No way?”
“Did it really get into the egg?”
“This is impossible!”
“I was just staring at the cup and the eggs!”
“The eggs have not been touched from beginning to end!”
“He didn’t even touch the cup!”
“How can he change when he is so close!”
“Coins disappearing is easy, every magician can do it, but put it in an egg”
“There’s no way to explain it!”
For a moment everyone stared at Tang Zheng.
Tang Zheng looked at Beizhi: “I see doubt in your eyes.”
Beizhi looked at the audience: “I see doubt in the eyes of all the viewers!”
/Tang Zheng burst out laughing: “Everyone, please believe me. There are indeed coins inside, and there is a fish written on them, which is our symbol!”
Beizhi picked up the egg and said, “Let’s try it!”
Tang Zheng picked up a plate and put it under it: “Just give it a try!”
Spread the eggs.
The egg yolk and egg white flow out!
Along with the egg yolk and egg white, there was an already sticky coin with the word “fish” written on it.
The audience forgot to applaud and stared at this scene blankly!
Tang Zheng took out the coins: “Don’t forget our agreement.”
Bang bang bang bang!
As soon as these words were spoken, the audience suddenly applauded, with the sound of mountains roaring and tsunami roaring!
So amazing!
/So shocking!
This magic almost overturned everyone’s inherent impression of magic. Magician Tang Zheng created a miracle at an extremely close range!
Fang Mo talks about his family.
The daughter stood up excitedly: “This uncle is so awesome!”
The wife opened her mouth wide: “I just saw Xianyu’s name written on the plan. This magic is also related to Xianyu.”
Fang Mokan’s own expression didn’t change much.
However, if anyone observes carefully, they will find t

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