stuff, but we also need valuable stuff.”


“Tsk tsk!”
“so cute!”
“Our female leaders are very excited.”
“What’s this color?”
“Pink, pink blue, pink purple style?”
“It’s very girly.”
“This shadow is very thoughtful.”
“This is a work specially prepared for little girls.”
“A spin-off of Journey to the West?”
“Journey to the West is very popular now, and Nezha is also well-known. I think this one is fine.”
“The songs are pretty good too.”
“Chuzhou background.”
“These works of Shadow have many different story backgrounds.”
“I like that.”
/“Artistic talents need to be more tolerant of cultures from all continents.”
“I rarely watch sports cartoons like this.”
The last animation of Shadow finished playing, and everyone looked at Minister An.
at this time.
Several hours have passed.
This is equivalent to watching each cartoon for about half an hour.
Minister An took a deep breath, and then looked at the review team: “You can express your feelings directly. What do you think of these works?”
The entire review team was excited!
“Let’s discuss other works. Anyway, I think the ink animation is the most creative and must be promoted. Ink paintings of this level and artistic conception are the full bloom of artistic charm!”
“Ink animation cannot be fully promoted.”
“I think that special feature film was done quite well. It should be educational, plotful, and exciting!”
“The puppet one is better!”
“Popular science animation is the best!”
“None of what you’re talking about is as interesting as the one where Sponge is the protagonist!”
“The sponge one is too silly. Look at that cartoon with a carp as the protagonist. It’s much more serious!”
“Paper-cutting needs to be promoted, gourd!”
“Listen to me, these works are all very good. We have ten places, why not just choose these ten?”
“I think it’s feasible.”
“If you want to decide which one to give up, I really can’t bear to give up any of them. This shadow is so amazing that one person has created so many animated works!”
“Ten animations, each with its own characteristics.”
“This shadow is so good at grasping our psychology.”
“Each work has its own characteristics, making it difficult for us to choose between them.”
“It stands to reason that cartoons are all very homogeneous, so how can he make every one completely different?”
“Children make choices!”
“We want all these ten animations!”
The leaders of the review team were all excited.
Minister An was speechless and had to cough to remind everyone: “We have only watched Ying’s works so far. There are other companies and major studios and five major film and television projects. We haven’t watched the works they submitted. This is not the case now.” While we are busy drawing conclusions, our review is divided into several levels. Later, we will invite more people, including children and parents, to participate in the review and give their own opinions. Our opinions do not necessarily serve as the final con

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