ircumstances, teaching a few students would not have such good results.


But during today’s teaching, several students Lin Yuan met had good sketching skills. It was obvious that they had taken his own sketching class before.
For this kind of students with a good foundation in sketching, what Lin Yuan explained was relatively advanced. At the same time, he also consciously demonstrated some more advanced sketching techniques, which aroused a lot of exclamation from those around him.
This is probably why the reputation reward is relatively high.
/And just when Lin Yuan was about to continue teaching, there was a sudden movement outside.
I saw a female teacher appear in the painting club!
The teacher walked directly towards Zhong Yu with anger on his face: “Zhong Yu, you skipped class again!”
Zhong Yu shrank his head. He didn’t expect the gouache teacher to find the painting club: “I will definitely not skip class next time!”
“Shut up!”
Zhong Yu’s gouache teacher said coldly: “You said the same thing last time.”
Zhong Yu patted his chest: “Definitely next time!”
The gouache teacher said angrily: “I’m not looking for you just to skip class. By the way, I want to inform you that your gouache work won the second prize in this gouache competition.”
With that said, the gouache teacher took out Zhong Yu’s gouache painting.
When Zhong Yu heard this, he was overjoyed, unfolded his gouache painting, and said with a face full of intoxication: “I didn’t expect that I actually won the award.”
“all right!”
“Zhong Yu, are you so good at gouache painting?”
“I remember your previous gouache paintings were very mediocre!”
“You actually won the second prize in the college student gouache competition?”
When everyone saw Zhong Yu’s gouache paintings, they all showed shocked expressions.
Many people here have participated in the college student gouache competition, but few have won prizes.
Moreover, the painting club knows each other well.
In everyone’s past impression, Zhong Yu’s gouache level can only be said to be pretty good, but it is definitely not at a level that can win the second prize in the gouache competition!
But looking at Zhong Yu’s works now, they are almost completely transformed!
The teacher’s expression gradually softened, and he said softly: “Your performance is not bad.”
Zhong Yu was a little proud and smiled: “I don’t even know who my master is.”
After saying that, Zhong Yu suddenly covered his mouth.
It’s over!
The master’s gouache teaching skills are about to be exposed!
/In the painting club and even in the entire art department, there are not many students who understand Lin Yuan’s gouache abilities.
Zhong Yu also planned to continue his studies with Lin Yuan and improve his gouache skills, so he made a secret agreement with the students who had seen Lin Yuan’s blackboard poster not to expose the great master’s gouache skills too early.
This way they can make a fortune quietly.
I didn’t expect that I would spill the beans today!
Sure enough, just as Zh

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