in a message.


Black Coffin still can’t rest assured.
At this moment, the set of clothes suddenly brushed against Di Chen’s chest with a palm. Di Chen’s chest sank. His face darkened and his breath exploded. The set of clothes was shaken and floated backwards, and then burned in the air.
Before Di Chen could catch it, the clothes had turned into ashes!
But strangely enough, even though the clothes were burning in the flames, they looked like a living person standing in the fire, looking at the chasing Di Chen with a smile.
Di Chen shook his sleeves and the ashes dispersed, then turned around and walked down.
/The black coffin put up a chain. Seeing this, Xu Ying nodded slightly and whispered: “He lost a move.”
Di Chen seemed to have heard these words and said calmly: “This person has deliberately planned to use the Hunyuan Dao Tianxi to master the Taoism of the past Immortal Emperors. He has been immersed in the Tao of the Emperors for a longer time than me. It is not surprising that he is better than me. .”
He looked proud and said: “When I master the Taoism of all emperors, I won’t be inferior to him.”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “Your Majesty is ambitious and capable, which is indeed admirable. I wonder what your Majesty’s next plan is?”
Di Chen said: “Before Emperor Zhao dies, the catastrophe of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty will become more and more severe. I have been in power for hundreds of millions of years, and the catastrophe will come. I am afraid that it will take the next generation of Hunyuan Immortal Emperor tens of millions of years to suffer the catastrophe.” Luck will come. I want to deal with Emperor Fu and postpone the disaster.”
Xu Ying looked solemn and said: “Your Majesty has great talents and strategies. He also has the heart to eliminate disasters for the world and prolong the lives of all living beings. He is compassionate and compassionate. He is really a thunderous method and has a compassionate heart.”
The black coffin hurriedly strangled Xu Ying’s neck, signaling that if he dared to act recklessly, it would kill the hostage.
Di Chen ignored the question and said: “How important is Yuanshi Dao Qi, I’m afraid Xu Daoyou doesn’t know it yet? Such Dao Qi is not found in the universe created by Hongyuan. Only the universe created out of nothing, created from the sea of ??chaos, can possess it.” Yuanshi Dao Qi. When I was not the Hunyuan Immortal Emperor, I read many ancient books. Several of them recorded the existence of this wonderful Dao Qi at the beginning of the creation of my Hunyuan Universe.”
He was in a daze, and after a moment, he said: “You don’t know how surprised I was when I first saw this kind of Dao Qi. I was not surprised at the wonder of this kind of Dao Qi, but I was amazed that there was actually a kind of Dao Qi in the world. The great avenue that corresponds to Yuanshi Dao Qi has never been known to anyone.”
Xu Ying asked: “May I ask, what is the great avenue corresponding to Yuanshi Daoqi?”
“Of course it’s Yuanshi Avenue.”
Di Chen said of course, “Tai Dao Qi

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