vilization has made his life more blood-warming.


So many years have passed, and Liu Changan’s memories of today are a bit distant. He raised his head and looked at the sky, always feeling that there was some ancient charm hanging over the less transparent city, awakening his sleeping memories.
So Liu Changan bought another pullet at the vegetable market.
The pullet has white feathers, a shallow comb, and is light pink in color, like a girl’s lips. The feather tentacles are warm and plump, and the hair under the wings is as fine as down. Liu Changan remembered that in addition to ducks, there were also literati in ancient times who liked to raise hens.
/There are many entertainment activities nowadays, but the ancients were more boring after all, and it is not surprising that they occasionally had perverted hobbies.
The pullets bought at the vegetable market were cheaper, and it didn’t feel so distressing to throw them in the carriage. However, he still stopped Zhou Dongdong from trying to lead the pullets with a rope to play. The pullets were about to die, and people would die. Have a good rest beforehand.
Taking out the bottle from the carriage, the centipede was already lifeless. He squeezed it gently and could feel that the internal organs and muscles under the shell were already hard, so Liu Changan threw the little hen in again.
One pullet per day is not a small number.
Liu Changan was really poor. He didn’t sigh with emotion. He just saw the facts. Not to mention the life too far away, he had some savings more or less a hundred years ago.
Everything is external, except for the paintings, calligraphy and other things left with me. They are gifts from close friends over the past thousands of years, and they always have some special commemorative meaning.
During the war-torn years, considering his plan, it was not easy to keep them, so he donated them all. For him, it was more important for these friends to pretend to remain in the world. As for whether they belonged to him or not, it was not important.
Not everyone sees everything as dust in the future like him. Those magnificent people probably always have a desire to amaze future generations in their hearts. Liu Changan will also take care of their wishes when it is convenient and let them do it in time. More moving waves are left on the long river.
As for the wealth and assets that can be easily circulated, it is natural to donate them to resist the invasion when the country is shattered. An old friend founded an industry and took a lot of silver dollar banknotes from Liu Changan and took them to Taiwan. Quite a number of people went there.
A few years ago, a tomb that he had hidden in the Han Dynasty was dug out. The cave was filled with brilliant gold, and Liu Changan had no way to go there and claim ownership, even though he wanted the seal with his name unearthed there.
“Xiao Liu, you buy chicken every day. You need to recuperate before the college entrance examination.” Mrs. Liu came over.
“The cheongsam you are wearing today is so cute.” Li

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