earth, flattening the scorched black red sand and destroying all evidence.


When he came to Bai Jin’s place, the latter was lying cross-legged on the ground, his white clothes were spotless, consciously consolidating the state of transcending the tribulation stage.
Lu Bei was secretly happy and waved his hand to open the black and white portal. As the innate energy entered his body, Bai Jin slowly opened his eyes.
Junior brother, apart from me and Senior Sister Zhan, are there others here to overcome the tribulation?
That person is not a demon cultivator, but Junior Sister She, right?
With a sigh, Bai Jin did not express his doubts. Looking at Lu Bei’s face, he guessed that She Zhang’s calamity was more difficult and he was not out of danger yet. He pretended to be easy to deceive and was invited into a small single room by Lu Bei.
“I’m so exhausted”
After cleaning up the traces, Lu Bei, whose feet never touched the ground, was so busy that he couldn’t find the north. He successfully completed the general task, and his nervous heart could not help but feel tired.
That is to say, he emphasized the word “quick” and wanted all the qualified ones. If it were the monk next to him, under the dilemma of choosing one of the four, there would definitely be a hidden danger of going crazy.
Something’s wrong. It’s just a demon cultivator. How can he go back and forth so many times?
Damn it, are you seeing someone outside?
She Zhang snorted coldly, and the majestic thunder came forward. He suppressed the doubts in his heart and held his breath to welcome the baptism of the will of heaven and earth.
Sure enough, there is someone outside!
She Yan bit her lips tightly. She knew without asking that the only woman in his heart who could haunt the pretty girl day and night was the white moonlight in his heart.
Bai Jin, she also passed the tribulation today.
/It was obviously me who came first!
Elder She had a secret hatred in his heart. He went from liking one person to not wanting to be compared with another person. His anger turned into motivation and he went all out to fight against the thunder.
High in the sky, the black-winged golden-eyed eagle far away from the thunder, four people passed through the tribulation, two people left the scene, and then changed to a more favorable visual angle to broadcast the situation of the tribulation in real time.
Everything was under control. Although Lu Bei was very tired from rushing to the competition, the progress bar was halfway through, victory was close at hand, and he became more and more motivated.
“But that’s it. I was scaring myself before and overthinking the problem.”
Lu Bei was secretly proud of himself. He guarded Zhu Qilan’s head and resisted with his physical body, which was the unity of heaven and man. He deceived the lightning disaster above his head and bought Zhu Qilan some time to recuperate.
Among the four, her thunder calamity was the most dangerous, and she was the least tolerated by heaven and earth.
Lu Bei estimated that his cousin’s thunde

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