corresponding singers for training, with the goal of training them to the top!


Must be a man and a woman.
Selection may not be repeated between departments.
The deadline is the end of next year.
At that time, the senior management will summarize the effectiveness of each composition department in cultivating singers.
This is linked to department performance.
If the singer training effect is too poor, then the performance will not be up to standard.
For each floor, performance means various inclinations of resources, so each department is very cautious in choosing singers.
Make sure Lin Yuan understands.
Wu Yongcai continued: “So I want to ask the representatives who are their favorite candidates. We have to take action early, otherwise the right people will be snatched away by other floors. For example, among female singers, Zhao Yingchun is now taken away by several floors. I’m following her because Zhao Yingchun is very well-known, and the songs she has released since her debut have received very good responses, so it’s relatively easy to promote. There are two other singers like Zhao Yingchun, and I have already marked them in this list.”
Lin Yuan said: “List?”
Wu Yong smiled and said: “The so-called list is the range of singers we can choose. I have sent it to you. You can take a look. The names I marked in red are relatively high-quality candidates, while the names in yellow are alternatives. , if they are only black, then they are ordinary singers. We don’t have to choose black candidates unless we have to.”
“Well, let me take a look.”
Lin Yuan turned on the computer and looked at the list sent by Wu Yong. As expected, they were all non-first-line singers, and there were no singing kings. Among them, Zhao Yingchun and other names were all in red font, which meant that they had the best foundation and the best training. Simple.
There are relatively many yellow foundations, a total of seven or eight names.
The rest are black names, accounting for the largest proportion.
Wu Yong reminded: “Female singer, Zhao Yingke is the best choice, and for male singers, I recommend Shang Boyue first. Shang Boyue has been quite influential in the industry after three years of debut, but Shang Boyue is more competitive. We can also choose Huang Xuanyuan, but if that doesn’t work,”
/Lin Yuan responded casually and looked at the list. To be precise, he was looking for it. He had his own goals.
Not long after, Lin Yuan found “Sun Yaohuo” in Hei’s name.
This name was not marked and was a bit difficult to find. Lin Yuan just had to make sure that the other party’s name was on the list.
“Senior Yaohuo must cooperate.”
Without any hesitation, Lin Yuan directly wrote Sun Yaohuo’s name.
After confirming the choice of male singer, Lin Yuan looked at Zhao Yingke’s name and hesitated a little.
Halfway through writing, he paused.
“Is Zhao Yingchrome considered a young singer?”
He raised his head and glanced at Wu Yong.
/In Lin Yuan’s contract, the profit share for cooperation with young singers is

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