it’s unreasonable, then they must be pretending, why are they pretending? Naturally, they are here to target us.”


Yue Ming felt that what Xu Jiu said made sense, but he still had a question: “Since they are members of the ‘Feng Shen Gui’, why didn’t they take action?”
Xu Jiu turned her face to the window again, observing the situation outside the window, and said: “Those two are just sentries. The ‘Feng Shen Hui’ will not be stupid enough to let two sentries come to catch us. But now that we have been discovered, the army It should be here soon, we have to prepare to escape.”
Yue Ming stood up and prepared to open the door and go out.
Xu Jiu stopped him and said, “What are you going to do?”
Yue Ming said: “We are in danger, I have to go next door to notify Mr. Wei.”
/Xu Jiu said: “No need to go, he already knows, otherwise why do you think he chose a room near the stairs?”
“He found out?” Yue Ming was shocked again. After a long time, he was the only one who was kept in the dark.
Xu Jiu said: “Yes, he gave me a wink before sending us into the house. I guess he is ready now.”
Yue Ming was a little nervous at first, but as soon as he heard that Wei Renwu was prepared, he was able to let go of the heavy stone in his heart.
He sat back on the chair and said, “Now that Mr. Wei is ready, let’s just watch his performance quietly.”
Xu Jiu seemed to have not heard anything and stared out the window.
On the other side, Wei Renwu has returned to the hotel, holding a large plastic bag in his hand. There are countless plastic bottles of mineral water in the pocket. The strange thing is that every bottle of mineral water seems to have been drunk by him, and only one is left. The bottle is half full, and what’s even more strange is that there is a strange device installed on the bottle cap, like a computer chip.
Wei Renwu walked leisurely through the lobby, said hello to the proprietress, then hummed a tune and walked upstairs, putting plastic bottles into all the trash cans he passed one by one as he walked.
When he returned to his room, more than half of the plastic bottles in the plastic bag were filled.
Xu Jiu, who was in the room next to Wei Renwu, stood by the window and suddenly said: “They are coming.”
/I saw that on the street outside the window, black umbrellas suddenly appeared densely from every corner.
The black umbrella is moving, and they are moving towards the “Good Night Hotel”.
Finally, they gathered at the door of the hotel, neatly arranged in three rows, with ten people in each row, thirty people in total.
Then, two people moved towards the hotel.
In the hotel lobby, the woman and the thin old man saw someone coming in and greeted him with smiles. They never dreamed that business would be so good tonight. It was a lucky night.
The two people who came in first were men in suits and sunglasses, looking a little cold.
The woman had a smile on her face and said: “You two want to stay”
Before the woman finished asking her question, two men suddenly took out a silenced pistol from their arms an

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