The energy in the special alloy engine is introduced into an extremely complex energy conversion device, and at the same time, the largest main gun in the aircraft carrier is being raised.
/The actions of the Interstellar Federation Fleet did not attract the attention of both parties fighting in space. The battle between the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ and the Annabelle Templars caused heavy losses to the insect swarm.
The battle between the two sides was not evenly matched. Annabelle Templar was using its flexibility to constantly harass the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’.
The reason why I say harassment is because the Annabelle Templars are unable to break through the defense of the ‘Titan Golden Armored Emperor’.
The God of War knows very well that if the divine body is here, or if there is a formal temple here, the God of War can try to break through the defense of the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’.
Now relying solely on divine intervention, with Annabelle Templar’s physical strength, the most that can be done is to continuously consume the defensive energy of the ‘Titan Golden Armored Emperor’.
The ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’ and the Annabelle Templar are constantly meeting in space, and neither of them can hurt the other.
‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ was a little impatient. It was about to activate its natural ability. At this time, four phantoms rose up from the guarding star.
That was when four divine envoys used divine descent at the same time to take their respective artifacts from the hands of Bishop Bolin, Bishop Evans, Bishop Dominic and Bishop Bolivar.
If it’s one-on-one, or even one-on-two, the ‘Titan Golden Armored Emperor’ is confident that he can rely on his own defense to fight against gods downgraded from the gods.
But five gods descended from the gods appeared, and the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ would not stay as long as he still had some sense.
The ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ looked in the direction of David and found that the cunning David had moved closer to the guarding star through the previous battle.
Between David and the ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’, there is the Annabelle Templar. If the ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’ pursues David, he may even be surrounded by five gods.
A burst of annoyance arose in the heart of the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’. From the beginning, it had not taken David into its eyes.
Think about it, a being that can be killed with a single strike, if it were not entrusted by the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’, how would it be paid attention to by the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’.
In particular, the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ slapped him as soon as he met him. In its opinion, that blow was enough to make David incapacitated.
You must know that a god’s attack on the weak can be extremely precise. It can almost achieve 100% accuracy in terms of the extent of the damage.
In addition, the damage caused by the gods has extremely special attribute damage, which cannot be cured by ordinary healing potions.
The ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ glared at David f

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