n Alexis.


The black dragon Alexis took the initiative to jump to David’s other hand, and David pressed it on his back.
David did not keep the soul energy for himself this time. The soul energy of one legendary level Zerg, the soul energy of forty-two fifth-level Zerg, plus the soul energy of billions of other Zerg, the soul energy harvested this time The number is the most in history.
The soul energy like a flood entered through David’s left hand, was transferred to his right hand, and was then output into the body of the black dragon Alexis.
The black dragon Alexis narrowed his eyes and enjoyed the baptism of soul energy. His injured soul absorbed the soul energy crazily.
For two whole hours, the soul energy did not stop. David thought in his mind how much improvement it would give him if this batch of soul energy were input into his small world of soul space.
But now the black dragon Alexis’s combat power is the most important. The more his combat power is restored, the higher the security it can bring to David.
David was facing a god-level threat from the Zerg race at this time. At first, he really didn’t care about the god-level threat from another world, but since the emergence of the ‘Assassin Mantis King’, he almost killed him with one blow. After that, he had to think about his own life.
This time, the God-level Zerg sent only the legendary-level ‘Assassin Mantis King’. Will they send out the Demi-god-level Zerg next time? Or is it even possible for the God-level Zerg to take action personally.
Of course, David is not only thinking about the threat of the Zerg god level, but also the threat from the God of Death, and if his legendary level strength is known by the temple, then the danger he will face will be even greater.
The hatred between David and the God of Death is impossible to resolve. Seizing the artifact, killing the incarnation of the God of Death and high-level believers, and destroying the God of Death’s faith in the divine world are enough to make the God of Death and David fight to the death.
Not to mention the temple, with the entire continent being encircled and suppressed, and the gods personally taking action at any time, the danger is the greatest.
He needs the god-level strength of Black Dragon Alexis to protect him. The sooner Black Dragon Alexis regains his strength, the safer he will be.
No one on the defense line of the guarding star disturbed David’s rest. The Zerg’s new attack did not start, and there would be no trouble for him.
/Everyone thought that David was resting after a continuous battle, but he did not look tired, but looked excited.
He looked at the ball of knowledge floating in Shadow Warrior’s body, his eyes full of excitement.
This time David killed forty-two level five Zerg alone, plus a legendary level ‘Assassin Mantis King’. The knowledge light balls of these Zerg gathered in front of him.
However, when he carefully examined these knowledge light balls, he found that his previous happiness was a bit premature.
It’s not that there is anything wrong wit

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