he God of Death” to solve.


Wei Renwu nodded and said: “Yes, there is another ‘Death’ that cannot be solved. It’s just a little bit closer, just one millimeter away from his tail, but we just can’t catch him.” Wei Renwu hit the wall with his fist in anger. superior.
There was a bang. He didn’t know whether the sound came from the wall or the bones of Wei Renwu’s fist. In short, Yue Ming saw that Wei Renwu’s fist was bleeding.
Yue Ming quickly stepped forward to persuade him: “Don’t be like this, Mr. Wei, we just encountered bottlenecks. For example, in Long Qian’s case, we also had bottlenecks at the beginning, but in the end we solved it. The same is true for the ‘Reaper’ case.” Yes, if we work harder, we will definitely be able to solve it.”
Wei Renwu shook his head and said dejectedly: “No, the two cases are different. In Long Qian’s case, I had an accurate prediction of his magic from the beginning, and then I proved this prediction step by step. ‘Death’ is different. I was running around headlessly, and all the clues I had were obtained step by step, but in the end I still couldn’t find the right direction.”
Yue Ming asked curiously: “You mean, you discovered long ago that Long Qian is two people?”
Wei Renwu said disdainfully: “Don’t you think so? The essence of magic is blinding. Long Qian’s magic is based on the fact that everyone thinks he is one person, but in fact he is two people. Under such circumstances, everything he does It would make people feel incredible. But first, he had to deceive everyone. Therefore, the two of them closed their lives, and only one person came out to face the public at a time. Over time, people would subtly think that they were One person. It was difficult for me to understand that this was a scam, so I thought he was two people from the beginning. Some things cannot be completed by one person. If that thing can be completed smoothly, it means that it is not one person.” said At this point, Wei Renwu suddenly froze.
/Yue Ming could feel that Wei Renwu had not finished what he said, and he asked doubtfully: “What’s wrong?”
“Not alone?” Wei Renwu didn’t listen to Yue Ming’s question at all. He suddenly became happy and said to himself, “Yes, why did I only think of it now? I’m so stupid. I’m so stupid about Long Qian’s case.” I can think of it, but I didn’t think of the case of ‘Death’.”
“What did you think of?” Yue Ming became more and more curious.
Wei Renwu grabbed Yue Ming’s shoulders tightly and said to Yue Ming excitedly: “‘The God of Death’ is not a person.”
Yue Ming’s shoulder was in severe pain from Wei Renwu’s grasp. He held back the pain and said, “The ‘God of Death’ is not a person? Is the ‘God of Death’ really the God of Death?”
Wei Renwu let go of Yue Ming’s shoulders, shook his head and said: “No, no, no, it’s not that he is not a human being, I mean that he is just like Long Qian, more than one person, maybe two people, three people, or even more Man, what I want to say is, ‘Death’ is not a code name for a killer, but a code name for a gang of killers.”

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