that the thorn head could hold back suddenly became more severe, more than ten times higher than before.


In an instant, the thorn fell straight to the sand, clutching his stomach and rolling in pain, groaning.
This guy’s actions shocked the other soldiers, and a soldier who had a good relationship with him hurriedly stepped forward to hold him down and ask.
/But this sting was so painful that he was almost unconscious, and he could not speak.
/Wei Xiaobei announced to the soldiers without a smile on his face.
Fairness of rewards and punishments is not just talk. Even if it is punishment, it must be punished openly. Otherwise, even if this oath can detect their psychological activities, it will not be able to completely prevent possible betrayal.
After all, in the gray world, there may be a way to bypass the oath talisman.
Of course, after seeing the power of breaking their oath for the first time, these soldiers’ awe of Wei Xiaobei became even more intense.
Just swearing allegiance can achieve such an effect?
There is no doubt that for the soldiers, this is simply God’s means!
Even the soldier who had a little idea in his mind immediately killed the idea that had not yet been fully born.
Who knows how serious this punishment, if serious, will be?
After some beatings, both Wei Xiaobei’s admirers and the thorns became honest. They knew that from now on, they could not break the oath they had sworn and must be loyal to Wei Xiaobei.
After understanding this, Wei Xiaobei was satisfied enough.
This is a good start.
Wei Xiaobei then appointed a captain to these soldiers. He was a black man, about 35 years old, named Stephen. He was a sergeant major. Among the remaining soldiers, he had the highest rank. His usual tasks were Assist the platoon leader in managing soldiers, and he has been in the army for more than fifteen years! He can be called a veteran among veterans. According to his own introduction, he has participated in many actual combats.
Therefore, this Stephen has quite a bit of management ability, so he is perfect for restraining these more than ten soldiers.
After Stephen took office, he immediately designated two sergeants to assist him in managing his soldiers, and asked Wei Xiaobei for instructions to designate one of the sergeants to take over his position after he died in battle.
Wei Xiaobei looked at the sergeant named Yulifu and found that his three fires of happiness, wealth and longevity were relatively stable. Among these soldiers, his loyalty to him was second only to Stephen, and he nodded and acknowledged Stephen’s request.
This Yuliv is also a veteran among veterans, and his service years are only two years less than Stephen.
In short, if a veteran like this is put into society and wants to do something, ordinary people will have no way of guarding against him.
Although most of their combat experience is based on modern firearms, there are some things in common.
After Wei Xiaobei gave Stephen an order to look for the Scarab descendants everywhere and kill them on his own, but no

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