killed by Wei Xiaobei in the blink of an eye!


In the world of tree ash, reindeer are an important resource, and Wei Xiaobei will not let them go just because of a little soft-heartedness.
The food reserve was sufficient, but the flesh and blood reserve of the prototype of the Altar of Life was somewhat insufficient after Wei Xiaobei tested it many times.
Afterwards, the reindeer, which still had its body temperature, was wrapped in a ball of shredded meat. After a short time, the shredded meat was retracted, and the reindeer had turned into a pile of gray-white bones, and all the muscles, blood and fur were covered with meat. The silk was extracted and became the flesh and blood reserve of the prototype of the altar of life.
Although this reindeer is much smaller than the Dangkang wild boar, it does not provide a small amount of flesh and blood reserves.
go ahead!
Wei Xiaobei did not look for another direction and ran straight towards the World Tree in the distance.
Entering the gray world this time, Wei Xiaobei’s purpose is very simple, to see if he can bring Kaismier out, and to brush up on evolution points and find treasures. If possible, Wei Xiaobei even wants to Let’s go to the divine realm behind the Rainbow Bridge. I just don’t know what it looks like there, but I think there should be a lot of treasures there.
After advancing ten kilometers, Wei Xiaobei discovered a problem.
It seems that as the World Tree ages, the consumption here has also increased. Even after starting the induction search, the detectable range has been weakened. It used to be four hundred meters, but now it is less than two hundred meters.
/Although this was not a big problem for Wei Xiaobei, he still did not dare to neglect it. He simply stretched out his left hand and sprayed out a ball of meat, forming a ball.
Ten seconds later, a high-temperature bird appeared. After eating the shell of the meatball, it spread its wings and flew high into the sky. Then it hovered around Wei Xiaobei, providing Wei Xiaobei with enough vision and early warning range.
After cultivating ten high-temperature birds in succession, Wei Xiaobei bred another digging pig. He then prepared the digging pig and increased its size to six meters. He then used the digging pig as a mount. Advance on its broad back.
There is naturally a gap between Digger Pig’s speed and Wei Xiaobei’s, but it can reduce Wei Xiaobei’s consumption and keep Wei Xiaobei’s condition at its peak.
Along the way, just like before, the closer we get to the World Tree, the more lush the vegetation on the ground becomes.
Of course, it seemed to have declined a bit compared to the last time Wei Xiaobei entered.
Even monsters like reindeer and giant wolves were not seen all the way there.
After spending a full three hours, Wei Xiaobei entered the coverage area of ??the World Tree’s canopy. From here, large trees grew out of the roots that continued to extend, forming a dense jungle area.
Just when Wei Xiaobei was riding a digging pig and looking boredly at the trees that were movi

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