was desperate. Wei Xiaobei had to avoid it to prevent himself from accidentally overturning the boat in the ditch and being killed by that monster. The tentacle hit.


But what Wei Xiaobei never expected was that as soon as Wei Xiaobei was forced back to the shore, those tentacles disappeared into the lake. Then with a little force, the Thousand-Eyed Monster jumped up from the lake like a flea, turned around and ran away. .
The Thousand-Eyed Monster actually escaped?
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but feel stunned. This was something Wei Xiaobei didn’t expect.
In the previous battle, the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s performance made Wei Xiaobei feel that he didn’t have much intelligence. But in the blink of an eye, the Thousand-Eyed Monster taught Wei Xiaobei a good lesson with a loud slap in the face. .
What is cunning!
/In short, the Thousand-Eyed Monster is escaping from the lake at this time. Unfortunately, the water near the lake is not deep enough to fully accommodate the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s tentacles, which greatly reduces the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s swimming speed.
But if Wei Xiaobei waited for the Thousand-Eyed Monster to escape to the deep water and dive into the bottom of the lake, the difficulty would skyrocket if he wanted to kill it.
There is no doubt that Green Lake is the home of the Thousand-Eyed Monster.
Want to escape?
Not that easy!
At this time, Wei Xiaobei had found a piece of rotten wood, stepped on it with his legs, propped the big gun in the lake, and quickly chased after the thousand-eyed monster like a small boat.
It was impossible for Wei Xiaobei to step on the water for a long time. It would require extremely fast speed and consume a lot of energy. If the speed slowed down slightly, he would fall into the water.
In this way, it is much more convenient for Wei Xiaobei to step on rotten wood, and at least he can save a lot of energy.
/If the Thousand-Eyed Monster had accelerated the yellow light to this level in the beginning, Wei Xiaobei might have suffered a small loss.
But now, Wei Xiaobei relied on his perseverance to fully adapt to the hallucinogenic effect caused by this yellow light. He closed his eyes and only used sensor search to observe the enemy, thus completely ignoring the Thousand-Eyed Monster. An illusion effect created by spending a lot of power.
If the Thousand-Eyed Monster knew this, he would probably spit out a mouthful of blood and fall to the ground dead.
Since the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s biggest killing move is no longer of any use to Wei Xiaobei, one can imagine the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s situation at this time.
Thousands of tentacles spread out, like a giant net, directly covering Wei Xiaobei.
But Wei Xiaobei didn’t show even the slightest hint of nervousness on his face. He fell forward. Before he hit the water, his limbs were stretched out like a spider. He used his hands and feet to paddle quickly across the lake.
With a little buoyancy from the piece of rotten wood, Wei Xiaobei successfully swam on the lake. Like a sharp arrow, he passed th

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