my hometown, the environment is worrying and the people’s customs are not simple and very bad.”


He reflected that he must not be too pure and kind, and he must not be soft when dealing with thugs and bullies who block his way. Except for the true saint of the Tattoo Palace, others must be hacked.
However, in the eyes of the True Saint of the Four Religions, this man was full of “arrogance” and his eyes and brows were full of domineering. At first glance, he looked like a fierce man with an extremely strong personality.
“Do you think that since I am kind and easy to bully, do good people have to be targeted?” Wang Zesheng glanced around, the long knife in his hand glowed with black light, and his whole person exuded a monstrous killing intent.
For a time, the area of ??the highest spiritual world was completely distorted and torn apart by the black light. This world seemed to be suppressed by an unparalleled demon king.
Although the true saints of the Four Great Sects do not consider themselves to be merciful people, after all, their hands are stained with blood along the way, but they definitely do not think that the person in front of them is kind-hearted.
Who gave him the confidence to say that he was a “good person”? His eyes stood up, even his eyebrows were flowing with a strong murderous aura, and ” Is it related to “goodness”?
“Where did you come from? With the murderous flames raging, you dare to claim to be a good person. Could it be that the Tattoo Palace was attacked by you in a sneak attack?” the True Saint of Guixu Dojo said.
Wang Zesheng was startled, had the Tattoo Palace been attacked?
He opened his mouth and said: “Who can judge what is right or wrong? You three, please stay back. I don’t want to make more enemies. I will only take the head of one person today.”
On the opposite side, the expressions of the four true saints changed. The person who came here was not good, and they would kill the saint at every turn. Sure enough, they were the ones who took the initiative to join the game, and they clearly came for them.
In an instant, black light flooded the highest spiritual world, and the area filled with sword light filled the void, tearing apart the battlefield, appearing everywhere, cutting off time and space.
Wang Zesheng took action. Since he felt that the other party was malicious and could not be resolved, there was nothing more to say, just kill him.
“There is no pure land in the world, and the extraordinary center is the most chaotic.” He felt that the new universe was too well thought out, but in the end he still needed to use the knife in his hand to cut through this full of malice.
/The world is reflected in the sword’s light, and life is reflected in the sword’s light. All the worldly phenomena from one life to another are cut out with one sword, cutting off the path forward of the Four Saints.
No one thought that he would dare to kill the four saints at the same time. This man appeared from nowhere, confident and ferocious.
The true saints of the four religions all crawle

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