is what it is.”


Then, its screen flashed continuously, like a person’s face changing color, and said: “Strange, can you still hold on?”
/If Wang Xuan didn’t have a strong foundation, he would really be pissed off by it. It’s obvious that it’s not focusing on refining the treasure itself, but looking at where his limits are.
“It’s weird, why hasn’t it dried up yet?” The mobile phone wonder realized something was wrong.
The Karma Fishing Rod in front of me is at least a strange object of alien level. If you want to sacrifice and refine it, how can a true immortal do it? Not even vomiting blood due to tiredness.
“Are you a serious treasure refiner?” Wang Xuan asked.
“Uncle Machine, hurry up.” The mechanical bear also urged.
“Your spirit and life soil are connected to a space pool of supernatural powers?” The mobile phone wonder guessed something.
It has lived for a long time, and naturally has extensive knowledge. In the extraordinary central universe, there is never a lack of super matter, so it did not think much about it and did not explore it earlier.
Now, it immediately makes sense.
/“But there are times when the pool bottoms out. Moreover, you have more than a dozen extraordinary factors.” The mobile phone wonder was really amazed.
“What you’re connecting to is not a pond, but a lake, right?” it pondered.
It asked again: “That flag, which is more vengeful than the mechanical Tengu, is hiding in the lake and sleeping?”
“You are the spiritual guide and you are taking action, understand?!” Wang Xuan said.
The mobile phone wonder said: “There should be more than a dozen original substances precipitated in your pond, so it has dissolved into a colorful extraordinary lake, but it is almost time to cool down.”
Wang Xuan said: “Yes, I am almost exhausted, and my body is extremely overdrawn, but you are still asking for details and making sarcastic remarks. What do you want to do? Hurry up and refine the treasure!”
“It’s almost time. Now that the fishing rod has merged and become one, it’s time to return it to reality soon.” The mobile phone said with a click, and took two photos of him.
“What do you mean?” Wang Xuan stared at it.
“It’s not a posthumous photo. I’m just recording the time to see how long you can hold on.” The mobile phone wonder explained.
“Father Wang is a miracle!” the mechanical bear said with its big eyes blinking, and cooperated cutely. It naturally knew the details of Wang Xuan.
“Your pool hasn’t bottomed out yet?” A pair of eyes appeared on the screen of the mobile phone. They were very deep and flowing with the light of the royal path, staring at the super matter.
This frightened Wang Xuan and said: “What kind of monster are you?”
“You are the monster!” The strange mobile phone objects were swirling around him and said, “Let me go behind the soil of your life and take a look.”
“Connected to the alien space pool, yes, you are a big lake, but it is very abnormal. With so much material, something may happen!” said the mobile phone wonder.
Wang Xuan said: “My lake is not a

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