ong is so active, he is worthy of being a business tycoon.


If she could marry a member of the foreign royal family, not to mention the relationship between the two parties, Zhou Rong would be able to be named a princess, or even get a title or something.
In this day and age, if there is such a name in China, it will not be too easy to do business.
Just look at Britain’s Princess Diana, a commoner princess, what a gorgeous title.
Besides, Denmark is one of the world’s major suppliers of cold-water fish. Zhou Rong’s catering group will undoubtedly be able to obtain more supplies of high-end cold-water fish in the future.
Another point is that it is said that the current members of the Danish royal family are all good-looking. In this way, Zhou Rong can be said to have gained both human and financial resources.
/In short, for a divorced woman, this upcoming marriage is perfect.
Wei Xiaobei looked at Huang Kun, who was still sleeping, and couldn’t help but laugh. Could it be that Huang Kun will be called some count in the future? Or the little prince?
Is this too much?
That night, Wei Xiaobei had a rare insomnia. He didn’t fall asleep until about three o’clock in the morning, and then before five o’clock, he was awakened by the sound of Huang Kun’s whirring and punching in the martial arts field.
/After waking up, Wei Xiaobei could no longer sleep. He sighed softly, thinking that he was entangled with these two mother and son.
After washing up, Wei Xiaobei simply drove Huang Kun straight to Fengtou Mountain.
In the car, Wei Xiaobei was thinking about how to persuade Huang Kun.
Now it is obvious that as long as the so-called Bit Gustav Adolf is not a liar, then the marriage between Zhou Rong and him is basically unlikely to be interrupted.
This is no longer a simple private marriage issue for Zhou Rong, but also affects the future of the entire Zhou Catering Group. The number of chickens in Cuihu City may increase by many percentage points in the future.
If Huang Kun made a joke about hanging himself and then jumping into a river, it might be possible to stop it temporarily, but Huang Kun is probably not going to be easy. If Zhou Rong doesn’t open his buttocks, he will not be able to calm down after being locked up for half a year or several months, or even Yu might just get married secretly, leaving Huang Kun with nothing to do.
Therefore, it would be better to let Huang Kun accept this fact, which would make things easier to deal with.
After thinking for a while, Wei Xiaobei finally thought of a way to deal with Huang Kun.
When he went up the mountain and trotted along the mountain road, Huang Kun was attracted by the scenery of Fengtou Mountain.
I have to say that the scenery here in Fengtou Mountain can be called absolutely beautiful, but it is a little far from the city and not as convenient as Cuihu. Overall, Fengtou Mountain is much better than Cuihu.
After jogging for a while, the two of them reached the top of the mountain. Wei Xiaobei introduced to Huang Kun the poem of the Qinglian layman that

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