beyond Huang Kun’s expectations. Is this to act as God’s rhythm?


Well, no matter what, this is my master!
In Huang Kun’s mind, he knew that the more powerful his master was, the more comfortable he would be as a disciple.
No wonder those wolf dogs were so big, Huang Kun understood at this time.
Wei Xiaobei called Huang Kun over and asked Huang Kun to take the core disciples to learn swimming for one thing.
Well, here, just by killing those little crabs, it is impossible to be promoted to three stars or above.
After all, those little crabs are not endless. At most, they can only give them a helping hand. After their strength is upgraded to two-star terror, their benefits will be weakened to almost nothing.
/Therefore, these core disciples, including Huang Kun, will have to go to sea in the future.
Of course, just throwing them into the sea would not work.
If you want to go into the sea, you must first know how to swim! And you have to swim very fast!
Wei Xiaobei needed to patrol the surrounding sea area, so he handed over the matter directly to the Fire Dragon Man.
Anyway, just tossing around in this area, there is no need to worry about problems with the mutated dock and not being able to get back in time.
As the chief of the defense department of Weijia Island and Wei Xiaobei’s second disciple, Huang Kun naturally had to take the lead in setting an example.
As soon as Wei Xiaobei left, the fire dragon with long hair grabbed Huang Kun by the collar.
/Although Huang Kun knew that the fire dragon was a cultivated creature, it was difficult for him to regard him as a human robot. When the other party grabbed him by the collar, he immediately shouted: “What are you doing? What are you doing! Ah”
Well, the vibrato at the back was the sound Huang Kun made when he was thrown into the sea.
Although Huang Kun knew how to swim a little, he was struggling in the swimming pool. Now he was thrown into the sea by the fire dragon man, and he was really confused.
He fell into the sea water several meters deep, grabbed his hands and feet everywhere, and even drank a few mouthfuls of sea water.
Fortunately, Huang Kun had spent a lot of time practicing in this gray world. After a moment of panic, he forcibly calmed down and then swam desperately toward the sea.
As soon as he emerged from the sea, Huang Kun pressed his stomach with all his strength and vomited out the seawater he drank.
The taste of this sea water is not pleasant. In addition to being extremely salty, it also has a bitter taste.
Well, if people drink too much of this stuff, they will suffer from electrolyte imbalance.
After finally vomiting all the seawater, Huang Kun felt a black shadow swimming past him, and a bad feeling came to his heart. The next moment, this bad feeling was realized.
Huang Kun only felt his leg being pulled, and his whole body sank.
Fortunately, the opponent did not keep hold of Huang Kun. When Huang Kun punched him, the opponent let go and swam away.
Next, Huang Kun’s hard days will come.
As soon as he floated to the surfa

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