e electric current. Blue sparks followed the blood flowing out and rushed to the scarab descendant.


With a soft thud, the tightly closed jaws of the descendant of the scarab suddenly relaxed and fell down. Wei Xiaobei stepped on the descendant of the scarab and crushed it into pieces.
It would be nice to have a pair of intact leather shoes.
Wei Xiaobei thought in his mind and waited until the injury on his foot stopped bleeding before continuing to move forward.
Wei Xiaobei had already anticipated how difficult the road ahead would be.
After all, the shock wave caused by the fire dragon when it turned over blew away countless scarab descendants, including a lot of scarabs.
These scarab descendants and scarabs spread out in all directions, and there must be many of them on Wei Xiaobei’s way back.
But even if he was mentally prepared, Wei Xiaobei could not resist the scarab descendants that suddenly emerged from the gravel.
These bugs that originally liked to fight in formations fought independently after the Bright Scarab died.
Wei Xiaobei even saw several scarab descendants fighting each other, so it was normal for some scarab descendants to hide in the gravel and take advantage of the opportunity to attack.
As for the scarab descendants who were fighting each other, Wei Xiaobei trampled them to death one by one.
On the other hand, Wei Xiaobei was hard-pressed to guard against the descendants of scarabs that emerged from the gravel, and it was unpleasant to be bitten from time to time.
About two hundred meters away, Wei Xiaobei was bitten eight times.
Although he killed eight scarab descendants and gained 40 evolution points.
But his feet were so bloody that it was unbearable to look at them.
After Wei Xiaobei crushed a scarab descendant to death, he checked his surroundings and sat down on the sand.
If this situation continues, this long return journey will become even longer, and perhaps we will return directly to reality in the desert.
/Although Wei Xiaobei could return to the rental house in reality whether or not he returned to the rental house, it would be very dangerous during the period of returning from sleep to reality, especially in this desert that was already full of descendants of scarabs. The risk is even greater.
/Maybe, when he returns to reality, Wei Xiaobei’s body will be full of holes.
In order to solve the problem faster, Wei Xiaobei invested 200 evolution points into the reasoning attribute, raising it to 12.08.
Although this value is not comparable to the so-called famous detectives, it has at least reached the level of some veteran detectives.
After investing 200 evolution points, Wei Xiaobei felt a sore pain in his forehead and felt that his mind had become clearer.
After thinking for a while, Wei Xiaobei found the key to solving this dilemma.
Compared to the descendants of the scarabs, my own strength is crushing, but when these little guys hide in the gravel, it is difficult to see where they are hiding, which is much more concealed than the black giant scorpion.
So mu

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