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After Wei Xiaobei approached the nuclear reactor, he disassembled the nuclear reactor from its various external equipment at an extremely fast speed, and finally put the nuclear reactor into the storage ring amidst the sounds of various alarms.
The time in the storage ring is basically at a standstill, so even if the nuclear reactor is about to explode, the storage ring can extend it indefinitely.
After pocketing the nuclear reactor, Wei Xiaobei left the nuclear submarine that was about to sink to the bottom of the sea as quickly as possible.
Of course, the nuclear submarine at this time was not far from the bottom of the sea. You must know that the depth of this sea area is only more than 600 meters.
When Wei Xiaobei emerged from the sea, he realized that the battle had become intense.
The Scarlet Turtle Demon King has entered combat mode. There are already more than ten fighter planes in the sky, and the weapons of all warships in the aircraft carrier formation are firing at the Scarlet Turtle Demon King.
Naval guns, Phalanx systems, torpedoes and even missiles fell like raindrops towards the turtle demon king.
At this time, the Xuan Turtle Demon King can be said to be at full power, with blue demonic energy visible to the naked eye constantly emerging from his body. These demonic auras spread out, causing the radius of the surrounding storm to expand to a thousand meters, and Still under constant expansion.
If the turtle demon king is given enough time, it can roll up huge waves as high as five to six hundred meters on the sea surface, sweeping across everything.
However, at this time, the Xuan Turtle Demon King was at a bit of a disadvantage. After seeing the Xuan Turtle Demon King, the aircraft carrier formation quickly turned around and kept a considerable distance from the Xuan Turtle Demon King.
There is no doubt that they know that once the Scarlet Turtle Demon King approaches, even an aircraft carrier will not be able to resist the Scarlet Turtle Demon King’s attack.
The turtle demon king is so big that it can sink the aircraft carrier just by pressing on it.
At this time, the amount of firepower delivered by the aircraft carrier formation was enough to completely paralyze a central city.
Almost every moment, exploding flames would flash from the body of the Xuan Turtle Demon King.
/But having said that, even if a missile that can send a warship directly to the seabed falls on the turtle demon king, at most it will smash the buildings and even the rocks on its back shell. As for the shell of the turtle demon king, , that is something stronger than a reef.
At least for now, it is difficult for the aircraft carrier formation to injure the turtle demon king.
Not long after, the expanding storm also began to affect the aircraft carrier formation. Under the impact of the huge waves, the warships tilted to a certain extent, causing the aircraft carrier formation’s firepower to suddenly weaken.
At the same time, the white-horse rebels rushed to some of the outer warships and began to

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