Just a stone flew towards me, and I didn’t even have a chance to dodge. The stone passed through my chest, and all the internal organs in my chest were shattered!
Isn’t this too powerful?
Fei Yuan Mo’s vision quickly darkened, but the next moment Wei Xiaobei appeared in front of Fei Yuan Mo. He reached out with his right hand and grabbed Fei Yuan Mo’s arm.
The Feiyuan Demon originally opened its mouth towards Wei Xiaobei, and the tongue inside suddenly stretched out several meters. A crack opened on it, and it was filled with sharp teeth, and it bit into Wei Xiaobei.
But just after that, Feiyuan Demon didn’t even have time to react before he was thrown into the space by Wei Xiaobei!
What’s going on?
Feiyuan Demon was a little stunned and looked around with dull eyes.
What is this place?
Why did you come here suddenly?
Before the Fei Yuan Demon could react, a rain cloud floated over, and lightning flashed on it, making the Fei Yuan Demon feel uneasy inexplicably.
/Must escape!
The Feiyuan Demon then rose into the sky, trying to avoid the lightning that might fall from the rain clouds.
But as soon as the Fei Yuan Demon took off, the speed of the rain cloud suddenly increased, and in an instant it flew above the Fei Yuan Demon’s head, firmly covering the Fei Yuan Demon.
A series of lightning flashing sounds came from above the rain cloud, which frightened Fei Yuan Demon so much that he dared to continue rushing upwards, fell down, and quickly fell towards the ground.
But at this time, no matter how fast the flying devil is, it can’t be faster than the lightning falling from the rain clouds!
In an instant, a blue-white lightning was generated, and it struck the Feiyuan Demon in the blink of an eye.
With a loud noise, Feiyuan Demon was struck by lightning, just like a fly hit by a swatter, and fell straight to the ground!
“Silly X!”
The seraphim not far away was lying on the quagmire. He saw clearly what happened after the flying demon entered the space, and he couldn’t help but cursed secretly.
Indeed, Seraphim had experienced the lightning falling from the rain clouds.
After all, the ink gun is inserted into the chest of the seraph. It is a natural lightning rod. When the rain cloud passes nearby, the lightning struck from above will be attracted by the ink gun, thus pulling the six-winged angel away. The angel was very electric.
The Fei Yuan Demon flew towards the sky, undoubtedly looking for abuse!
However, after being struck by the lightning, the Feiyuan Demon fell to the ground and was almost dead.
But falling to the ground does not mean that you can die quietly. Not long after, several wild cats followed the smell and came over excitedly when they saw some bloody Feyuan Demon on the ground.
These wild cats were originally one of the creatures that Wei Xiaobei added on Wei Family Island, but in this space, there seemed to be some changes that were different from reality, and they became more ferocious. Even in the face of this Feiyuan Demon, He was not afrai

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