one by this suction force and flew towards the basket.


At first, there were not many mushrooms stained with blood. Ten or twenty of them flew towards the basket. But as the mushrooms came in from behind, more and more blood flowed from Grandma Wolf’s body. , causing the number of mushrooms stained with blood to increase dramatically.
The basket is like a bottomless pit, with thousands or even tens of thousands of mushrooms flying into it every second and every breath. As time goes by, the number of mushrooms sucked into the basket continues to increase.
In just a few minutes, the basket sucked in more than a million mushrooms.
/Even though the size of the mushrooms was smaller than a fist, when the number exceeded one million, their size was far beyond what a three-meter-diameter basket could contain.
Of course, from Wei Xiaobei’s point of view, this is not surprising. You must know that this basket is an animated item, and some of its properties cannot be determined by common sense or physical rules in reality.
If it were a basket in reality, let alone a basket with a diameter of three meters, even a basket with a diameter of ten meters could only hold less than one hundred thousand mushrooms at most.
But this animated basket, after being filled with millions of mushrooms, is just a little bulging.
However, the blood flowing out of the wolf grandmother’s body seemed not enough. Many of the mushrooms sucked into the basket did not have blood on them.
Seeing this scene, the little red riding hood seemed a little angry. He raised his foot and kicked Grandma Wolf hard.
Grandma Wolf howled twice in pain, and then a large pool of blood flowed out.
Of course, during this period, there were tens of thousands of mushrooms kicked to pieces by Little Red Riding Hood.
Seeing this, Wei Xiaobei vaguely understood.
Little Red Riding Hood seemed to use the blood of Grandma Wolf as the raw material for growing mushrooms, and those mushrooms would increase in strength after being stained with blood, thus becoming the mushrooms Little Red Riding Hood needed.
Is it used to make soup? Or what?
The information obtained at this time was not much, and Wei Xiaobei was somewhat unable to judge.
Besides, the behavior of this animated character cannot be measured by the standards of reality.
About half an hour passed, and the basket was finally full, but it also changed from the original square to a round shape, bulging, and noisy noises continued to come from inside.
According to Wei Xiaobei’s calculations, the number of mushrooms in the basket was probably no less than 20 million!
A two-star elite level monster costs 20 million!
Well, Wei Xiaobei felt that he needed to take a rest.
Even if Wei Xiaobei wanted to kill all the 20 million two-star elite monsters, it would take no less than a week!
You know, although the two-star elite level of mushrooms is much lower than the two-star elites of other monsters, it also gives them a certain degree of defense.
Wei Xiaobei’s rocket shot over and it was already impossible to ki

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