own supreme high-mindedness and importance after jumping out of the barrier. Intention rather than form.


If Chu Weiyang’s state before was something that could be encountered but not sought, then Chu Weiyang’s state at this time is truly extraordinary among the ordinary, combining the different colors of Yin and Yang Tai Chi in the nine-fold talisman array. The fish picture is revealed to be truly perfect and flawless!
Even in order to teach Huang Huazong Taozi to prove it smoothly, Chu Weiyang deliberately chose to focus on the five elements array when he suppressed the talisman array.
This is what Huanghua Zong Taozi is happy about.
And similarly, when his mind returned to clarity, Chu Weiyang used the nine-fold talisman formation, especially after controlling such subtle changes, he no longer just suppressed his emotions.
Huanghua Zong Daozi was confirming his own Tao and Dharma, and Chu Weiyang was also honing the details of his nine-fold talisman formation by using the process of Huanghua Zong Daozi.
Perhaps Daozi still has a long way to go in the realm of foundation building, but the supreme meaning of Huanghua Sect’s Taoism in him has a value that he has never realized, like an unopened treasure. The flow of five colors that had seemed ordinary in the past, perhaps in Chu Weiyang’s eyes, was the secret that could teach this Five Elements Formation to a higher level.
And when one method responds, all methods will respond. The changes in details and the flashing moments that spread up and down are another level of comfort and intoxication.
If so, a long time passed.
When Emperor Huazong Daozi was almost exhausted in the joy, he had to be wrapped in red light and shined under the jade altar. Even though his magic power was exhausted, his face turned pale. At this time, he still cupped his fists and raised his hands towards Chu Weiyang, shouting loudly After thanking him, he hurriedly walked to the tent palace at the foot of the mountain.
But in the same place, through the practice of Dao and Dharma of Huang Hua Zong Taozi, Chu Weiyanghun seemed to still have some unfinished thoughts and looked towards the place where the cultivators were.
/“Everyone, who is next?”
So, as one great Taoist disciple came to the altar, that day, Chu Weiyang “battled in all directions” and won consecutively.
/Of course, this is what Zhu Xiu sees.
In Chu Weiyang’s eyes, at this time, he was using the Taoism of the Huanghua Sect to hone the Five Elements Array of the Nine-fold Talisman Array, and then using the Taoism of the Baiyun Cave of the Lihen Palace to establish the Supreme Demon Realm. Divine thoughts, the confusion that sharpens the infinite aspect.
After that, use the white bones to observe the yin and yang body of life and death of another Taoist master, and hone the harmony of yin and yang in the talisman formation.
Finally, the Tiangang method of another Taoist disciple of Shanming Palace was used to sharpen the flow of changes between the five elements and eight trigrams based on the three talents.
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