world, including this story about a bowl of clear soup soba noodles.


It takes the same touching route as “The Necklace”.
This is also the route chosen by many short stories.
However, because many short stories take this route, readers have a backlash.
Just like chicken soup articles were popular a few years ago, anti-chicken soup articles became popular later because people drank too much chicken soup.
The current market also has this trend.
But this is just because many writers’ stories are touching for the sake of being touching, which makes readers tired of them.
Everyone still loves to drink real chicken soup.
Especially this “A Bowl of Soba Soba”, which also has a bit of business philosophy, is a short work that many companies will promote.
In terms of influence on the business community, this bowl of clear soup soba noodles is very powerful.
Lin Yuan’s writing is also very relaxed.
Because this novel does not require many background changes, unlike the Western background in “The Necklace”, many things cannot be used directly.
As a neon work, it is also a characteristic of Eastern culture, so Lin Yuan could complete this work with almost no changes.
Of course, necessary modifications still have to be made.
This is Blue Star after all, there is no neon here.
Even though the culture of Chu Province is very similar to the neon of the earth, Lin Yuan clearly knows that it is not neon.
It’s just that some things are similar.
It didn’t take long for Lin Yuan to finish “A Bowl of Soba Noodles with Clear Soup” and handed it to Kaneki.
Kaneki is now his spokesperson and will pass on his novels to the tribe.
After settling this matter, Lin Yuan began to think about writing a novel.
Although he is in no rush to release a new novel, he plans to finalize the story now.
Before customizing the system.
Lin Yuan and Jin Mu chatted for a while: “What type of novel is more profitable to write now?”
“make money?”
Jin MuZhen regarded this as small talk: “If you write well, you will make money.”
Lin Yuan said: “I mean the long story.”
/Kaneki realized something: “Are you trying to decide on the genre of the new novel?”
Lin Yuan said: “Absolutely.”
This is a work-related communication.
Chu Kuang’s vest is run by Jin Mu.
He mused: “The format has changed quite a lot. In the past, the most popular long-form novels were all about adventures in other worlds. Now they are much richer. Because of the merger, the market classification is not as clear as before. Basically, it belongs to Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom. status, just don’t choose a particularly niche one.”
Speaking of which.
Kaneki changed his mind and said: “It doesn’t matter if it’s a niche, if the boss wants to write it.”
There was a reason for Kaneki’s change of tune.
Who doesn’t know that Chu Kuang is a niche madman?
He just likes to write some works that are rarely seen on the market, and he is a pioneer, from sports competitions to immortality novels to tomb robbing.
Type, etc., seemed meaningless to Chu Kuang.
Lin Yuan was stunned

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