Wei Xiaobei jumped out of the window in one stride, and rushed over in a few strides. While rushing over, Wei Xiaobei had already looked at these people several times.


There were no traces of any monsters from the gray world. Judging from their clothes and other equipment, they should probably be humans who accidentally entered the gray world from reality.
I just don’t know where they come from, whether it is Cuihu City or other cities.
“Where are you from?”
Wei Xiaobei walked over with the bone knife in his right hand. Those on the outermost edge saw it and hurriedly dispersed, looking at Wei Xiaobei with somewhat fearful eyes.
Wei Xiaobei was a little confused, but soon he understood. It turned out that this was the result of the primary shock of his own characteristics.
Following Wei Xiaobei’s roar, the people inside also noticed Wei Xiaobei.
The same fear and frightened eyes.
“You, you are?”
After several men exchanged glances with each other, one of the thinnest men came to Wei Xiaobei and asked bravely, keeping his body in a posture of turning around and running away at any time.
Rare eyebrows!
Wei Xiaobei glanced at him and immediately concluded that he was probably not a good person, and what he felt in his heart was empty.
“I’m in charge here!”
Wei Xiaobei would not have a good look towards such people, and he immediately placed himself above the top.
He could tell that these people didn’t even notice where this place was. In this case, Wei Xiaobei didn’t mind intimidating them to prevent these guys from causing trouble to him.
If these guys didn’t appear in the city center square and were too close to the house where he appeared, Wei Xiaobei wouldn’t want to pay attention to these people at all.
Looking at this trend, more people will enter the gray world in the future. Do I have to be a nanny one by one?
“Are you the leader? By the way, you have to make the decision for us. This man bit someone and even scratched us.”
“We don’t ask much, just a compensation of 500,000 yuan.”
“That’s half a million!”
As soon as they heard that Wei Xiaobei was in charge here, several people immediately rushed towards her. They knelt down before they could reach Wei Xiaobei. Even the woman lying on the ground who Wei Xiaobei thought was dead also crawled up. He stood up, but if Wei Xiaobei hadn’t been able to dodge quickly, his thigh would have been hugged.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei was a little stunned when he saw this scene.
This naked porcelain gang! He also ran into zombies!
There’s something wrong with this style of painting!
Touch your sister!
This is a zombie! Do the zombies have any money to compensate you?
Anyway, Wei Xiaobei felt a little spartan, with smoke coming from his head.
/“OK, you can do whatever you want.”
Wei Xiaobei felt that if he communicated too much with these guys, he would not be able to help but punch them in the head one by one.
It is these guys who have lowered the moral bottom line in real society by many percentage points.
If it weren’t for the fact that these

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