as due to the fighting skills he had learned in his life as a gangster.


Strike first!
Regardless of whether you can win or not, punch out with two punches first, seal the opponent’s eyes, hit the opponent’s nose, make the opponent dizzy, and get the upper hand!
“I am a city god, and the ghosts listen to my orders.”
/Cheng Dabao suddenly roared, and as his roar sounded, hundreds of evil ghosts and fierce ghosts emerged from Wei Xiaobei’s side, stretched out their extremely sharp claws, and charged towards Wei Xiaobei. Caught it.
These evil ghosts have extremely ferocious faces and are covered in black energy, but there is no consciousness of their own in their eyes, and some are just ferocious and violent.
Facing so many evil ghosts and fierce ghosts, any ordinary person, even the strongest among those who have experienced the gray world, would probably be so scared that their legs would weaken.
But for Wei Xiaobei, he had seen too many scenes like this, and they couldn’t even stir up the slightest disturbance in his heart.
He didn’t even need to move. Those evil ghosts just touched the golden light of merit that diffused out, as if they had touched a soldering iron, and they screamed again and again.
But under Cheng Dabao’s urging, those evil ghosts and fierce ghosts had lost all reason. Even though they screamed repeatedly, they had no choice but to try to break through the barrier of the golden light of merit and kill Wei Xiaobei.
But no matter how violent those evil ghosts and fierce ghosts were, they could not have any impact on the golden light of merit. Even the bodies of those evil ghosts and fierce ghosts quickly began to melt as they came into contact with the golden light of merit.
When Cheng Dabao saw that the evil ghost could not cause harm to Wei Xiaobei, Cheng Dabao couldn’t help but use his best trump card.
As a soft chirping sounded, a shining golden token slowly rose from his arms, and a force of heaven and earth spread out around him.
This City God’s Token is a treasure that Cheng Dabao obtained from Daji City in the gray world. Therefore, as long as he sacrifices this token, Cheng Dabao can have the same earthly power as the Daji City God.
In the past, as long as Cheng Dabao offered this token, no matter how powerful the guy was, he would not be able to get any benefit from Cheng Dabao, and he would even lose his life and death.
But this time it seemed to be a little different. After Cheng Dabao sacrificed the City God’s Token, Cheng Dabao could clearly feel that the connection between the City God’s Token and himself had become stiff, and even the City God’s divine power that he mobilized seemed to be trapped. In the quagmire.
Although Wei Xiaobei didn’t know why Cheng Dabao hadn’t started yet, the City God token hanging above his head gave Wei Xiaobei a hint of threat.
Although this city god is just an earthly figure, his strength will be greatly reduced when he leaves his territory, which is not in line with the power of gods. However, when he is in his territory, he can

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