ght was still pouring into it, the essence and appearance of the treasure had been merged in the process of transformation. The subsequent changes Everything is down to the smallest details, and everything tends to be stable.


But perhaps it is also the sense of stability in all changes.
/Then at this moment, suddenly, the pouring light rain was still falling, but the clear jade light itself, wrapped around the “Jade Book” itself, suddenly “exploded”!
In the bright light of the cave.
The “Jade Album”, originally composed of jade slips, finally reveals another side of its true nature.
It seems that Chu Weiyang’s “Daoheng Diagram” and “Xumi Formation Diagram” are one body and two sides.
“A Letter of Alliance between the Taiyi Jade Emperor and the Heavenly Gods Qiong Lin and Yu Jing”
“Zhen Sanyuan Ji Zhen Realm Record Yuan Register Ming Nine Heavens Rank Map”
The two jade slips marked with the name “Jade Book” at the front were suddenly filled with jade light. Suddenly, it seemed as if two doors were opened.
When he looked again, in the open door, an illusory picture composed of colorful haloes appeared in front of Chu Weiyang.
On the catalogue, the colorful aura itself washed and flowed like water for a long time, and during this washing process, its own colorful colors began to differentiate, and finally converged into nine colors, evenly spread across the catalogue. .
When you look carefully, each pure color is again clearly distinguished by light and dark.
In this way, the nine grades and eighteen grades are the other side of the “Jade Book” mixed into one body, the “Nine Heavens Rank Map”!
And just like the “Jade Book” which is empty of any writing, there is also no writing on the “Nine Heavens Rank Map”.
But at this moment, Chu Weiyang lowered his head and looked further below the nine distinct colors.
Chu Weiyang could vaguely feel his invisible name.
He, the master of the wonderful interpretation of form and spirit, is an unknown person in the “Jade Book” and a non-compiler in the “Nine Heavens Rank Picture”.
But it is undeniable that Chu Weiyang actually entered his name in the “Jade Book”, and now he is the only one in the “Nine Heavens Rank Map”!
And it was when this kind of charm mixed with the jade light shone again, Chu Weiyang could clearly feel that some kind of invisible and formless power of heaven and earth was temporarily injected into his thoughts and feelings. Thoughts were injected into the treasure in his hand.
Not two sides of the same coin.
But one body with three sides!
Before the “Jade Book” and “Nine Heavenly Ranks Map”, this was the ancient “Qionglin Yujing Alliance Book of Gods”!
Chu Weiyang then realized something later.
Just like in the past, matters that have not been recorded in the alliance book are either acceptable or unacceptable. It should be that the “Jade Book” is used to gather the spiritual thoughts of all the real people in this world and discuss them together like an ancient alliance.
But as time passed by, there were no spiritual thoughts in the “Jade

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