carrier away when he explodes with all his strength!


Therefore, even if he only held it lightly, Wei Xiaobei could not hold on to the Sun Spear, which showed how excited he was.
This is about as far as hyenas dare to attack a lion when extremely hungry.
And with the appearance of the Sun God Spear, the yellow light that suddenly appeared on the small half of the horn was ten times more than before.
From Wei Xiaobei’s perspective, this was like a young bison suddenly finding a male lion eyeing him.
Frightened, the little buffalo couldn’t help showing its ungrown horns to the lion in an attempt to scare the enemy away.
/Wei Xiaobei chuckled and released his grip on the gun barrel.
When the sound exploded, Wei Xiaobei did not expect that the sun gun could reach such a speed when it took the initiative to attack!
You know, the Sun Spear is only a few meters away from the horns.
With Wei Xiaobei’s eyesight, he could easily capture what happened during this period.
The tip of the Sun God Spear plunged into the thick yellow light, and then a thick black and white mist spurted out from above the tip of the spear.
The black and white mist suddenly invaded the yellow light, gradually rendering the yellow light into black and white.
Seeing this, Wei Xiaobei became somewhat interested. His eyes fell on the black and white mist that kept coming out. Except for the two minds that were studying genes, the rest of his mind entered a state of rapid operation.
This black and white mist was the ability of the Sun God Spear when it had not yet evolved and was called the Black and White Great Spear.
The strange ink from the giant dish fairy can render any object into a black and white ink painting!
Wei Xiaobei had seen its horror before. Under the effect of this ink, all the soil, weeds and trees were transformed into ink paintings, even the animals and insects in the period.
And the moment the rendering is successful, everything is frozen, like a lifelike ink painting.
Wei Xiaobei knew a long time ago that this power came from a strange world.
But before that, it was completely impossible for Wei Xiaobei to explore this power, so Wei Xiaobei rarely used this power in the big gun.
After all, this thing is so weird, if you are not careful, you will fall into it.
And now, in order to deal with the yellow light emerging from the horns, the Sun God Gun actively used this power.
And as the giant dish fairy completely disappeared in the Qingmu Paradise, this kind of power would be used less.
This opportunity is indeed rare.
After the black and white mist entered the yellow light, it immediately clashed violently with the yellow light.
And under this fierce conflict, the rules contained in the yellow light or the black and white mist are all revealed.
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes stared at the slowly changing yellow light with fascination, as if a young man had seen the goddess in his heart.
At first, Huang Guang barely resisted, but as more black and white mist poured in, Huang Guang began to retreat.
In Wei Xiaobei’s

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