Department of Biology couldn’t help but marveled that Zeng Wanshui recommended a good student. There was even an old professor who wanted to accept Wei Xiaobei as a graduate student.


Of course, it didn’t work out in the end.
The reason is very simple. Not to mention that Wei Xiaobei is not a student of Cuihu University, he has never even gone to college. Besides, graduate students are not accepted by anyone they want. This requires examination.
However, Wei Xiaobei did not pursue a graduate degree. As long as he could attend classes for free and learn something from them, that would be enough.
This small request is naturally very easy to meet.
At night, Wei Xiaobei drove to Fengtou Mountain.
At this time, there were not many people here, which was a good opportunity for Wei Xiaobei to study basic biology.
Relying on the study and research during this period, Wei Xiaobei carried out some transformation and modulation research and simulation on basic organisms. Of course, this research was only a preliminary simulation idea and did not directly carry out transformation and modulation. Once this thing is implemented, it will consume a lot of money. Evolve!
Wei Xiaobei’s previous research on modification and modulation was at best a simulation process on the computer before the experiment by scientists. Whether the final goal can be achieved depends on the basic biological conditions after the real modification and modulation.
/After Wei Xiaobei parked the car, he ran straight into the valley.
Compared with other places, Wei Xiaobei believes that the valley behind Fengtou Mountain is undoubtedly a treasure land for cultivating living things. In the future, when he has money, Wei Xiaobei plans to rent or buy it.
/Of course, renting or buying a scenic area like this is not just a problem that money can solve in many cases.
Well, this is all things later, Wei Xiaobei was just thinking about it in his mind.
The most important thing here is that the pool seems to have some connection with the gray world. After eating the fish in it, it can force people to enter the gray world.
This is very important, and the water in the pond is extremely clear, which can be used as a part of Wei Xiaobei’s plan.
Entering the valley, Wei Xiaobei first started a sensor search. He needed to check if there was anyone around him first. After all, what he was going to do next would undoubtedly be extremely weird and terrifying to ordinary people.
Compared with the gray world, the valley in reality is not very big, and Wei Xiaobei’s sensor search easily brought the entire valley under control.
Well, there are no people, only some small animals that come out at night and birds that nest in the trees. As for the insects, those that can survive the winter have hid underground, and those that cannot survive the winter have frozen to death.
Relieved, Wei Xiaobei quickly came to the waterhole.
The pool is still so clear, at least this season there are no naughty children pooping or peeing in it.
Wei Xiaobei gestured towards the water po

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