From the fingerprints extracted, it has been confirmed that the deceased was Pacino Steffall, a specially hired financial expert from the headquarters. The cause was a pioneering brain injury, which resulted in his instantaneous death.”


Major Martin nodded blankly. This was definitely not good news for him. Looking at the two magicians who were searching nervously in the distance, he could only hope that the ring would be found.
But to be honest, he knew very well that the possibility was almost zero.
At the bottom of the river in the port city of Sangkun, the secret underwater base was burning. Because a lot of Glauber’s salt was sprinkled here, the fire was so fierce that everything was reduced to ashes in the blink of an eye. An hour later, river water poured in from the cracks in the soil. , and soon the entire base was flooded by the river.
Three kilometers upstream from the underwater base, there is another unknown base, which is more hidden than the original one.
The entrance and exit of the base is underwater, and you have to wade through the water to get in and out. It is also much smaller than the original one. In addition to cabins that can only accommodate one person, there is only one conference room that can just squeeze everyone in.
The conference room was crowded at this moment, and everyone’s eyes were fixed on a ring held by Hull.
/Next to Hull, the financier Mr. Steffall sat. However, at this moment, Mr. Steffall did not look annoying at all. Instead, he looked extremely calm and elegant, even giving people a sense of tranquility and elegance. The feeling of otherworldly fireworks.
“How long does it take to remove the solidification deformation spell?” Hel said to “Steffal” beside him with a smile.
“It may take another two hours to change back.” “Steffal” raised his hands and looked at it, then thought for a moment and said.
“This time you have the greatest credit.” Hull took out a bottle of wine from under the table and placed it in front of “Steffal” and said: “Gear, come here too, you two are the most qualified to open this bottle of champagne. ”
The two of them did not refuse, and with a pop, golden foam splashed everywhere, filling the wine glasses in everyone’s hands. In a burst of laughter, the wine glasses collided together, making a pleasant sound.
After drinking the champagne in one gulp, the glasses were thrown to the ground. With a series of crisp breaking sounds, the glasses turned into pieces of glass on the ground.
“Now let us divide the spoils.” Hull threw the champagne bottle to the ground, and then said to the temporary subordinates surrounding him.
“Gear is the main developer of this plan, and SMD is the main executor. The two of them have the greatest credit, so they should get more than others. It is difficult to calculate the credit of other people, so let’s just divide it equally. Who Are you dissatisfied with this distribution method?” Hull asked.
Everyone looked at each other and finally shook their heads.
“Before you distribute the money, I have something to

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